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NBA Trade Rumors: Hornets, Warriors Talking Eric Gordon Trade

The New Orleans Hornets are in talks with the Golden State Warriors to unload guard Eric Gordon and acquire Klay Thompson according to Sam Amick. The two teams were flirting with each other yesterday but today Amick reports that the talks have gone beyond the exploratory stage and getting more serious as we get closer to the deadline.

There is little incentive for the Warriors to give up Thompson in a straight up trade for Gordon seeing as Gordon is hobbled with injury woes and Thompson is viewed as a rising star in the Warriors organization. What would convince the Warriors to make the trade would be the Hornets willingness to take on at least one of the Warriors bad contracts in Richard Jefferson and/or Andris Biedrins who are earing a combined $19 million this season and are contracts the Warriors have been looking to do without for some time now.

Gordon’s injury woes have scared teams off of him in recent weeks but there is no denying that he has the potential to be a great guard if he can remain healthy.

That’s a gigantic if though, one that a team is going to have to be really sold on to take a chance on him.

The trade talks are getting serious but a lot still has to happen before the trade is pushed to another stage.

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