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NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Atlanta Hawks Fail to Trade Josh Smith

The biggest trade of the NBA trade deadline failed to happen. For days the hype surrounding a possible trade involving Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith was building and building only to result in absolutely nothing happening. The deadline was full action but it was absent of the blockbuster everyone thought was a sure thing to happen.

J.J. Redick, Thomas Robinson and Jordan Crawford were all moved on Thursday before the deadline but beyond that only minor trades went down and the general landscape of the NBA was not shifted significantly as expected.

NBA Trades:



  • G – Jordan Crawford
  • G- Leandro Barbosa
  • C- Jason Collins

Analysis: The Celtics needed some perimeter shooting and they got it in Crawford. The Wizards needed cap relief and that’s exactly what they get in acquiring Barbosa. Boston clearly wins in this trade but Washington really wasn’t trying to go big either.





  • C – Hamed Haddadi
  • 2nd Round Draft Pick
  • G- Sebastian Telfair

Analysis: Here’s another underwhelming trade as the Suns and Raptors swapped more pleasantries than they did talent in this one. The Suns wanted to get away from Telfair’s contract and they ended up getting an alright center and a draft pick for it.





  • G – Dexter Pittman
  • 2nd Round Pick
  • Rights to C- Ricky Sanchez

Analysis: Ricky Sanchez is being passed around like cheap wine at a high school sleepover. Like many trades before the deadline, the Heat simply wanted to move a contract they weren’t using and they essentially got a used draft pick in return. They don’t owe Sanchez any money so he doesn’t count against the books but they did get something mildly attractive in return.





  • G- Doron Lamb
  • G – Beno Udrich
  • F- Tobias Harris
  • G – J.J. Redick

Analysis: This was the blockbuster of the deadline and the Magic got more than they bargained for in giving up J.J. Redick. Doron Lamb and Tobias Harris are recent draft picks that have yet to blossom and very well still could. Udrich is the starting guard that the Magic wanted so badly in the deal but while they did get a lot, the first rounder they were coveting is nowhere to be seen.



  • G – Eric Maynor
  • 2nd Round Draft Pick
  • Rights to Giorgio Printezis

Analysis: This one is simple. The Blazers wanted depth at point guard and the Thunder didn’t need Maynor or his contract. The pick Oklahoma City got was merely icing on the cake as the incentive was getting rid of Maynor’s contract.





  • G – Josh McRoberts
  • G – Hakim Warrick

Analysis: This was another trade that is generally meaningless on the grander scheme of things. Warrick is an alright player and McRoberts is an alright player. usually when you have a straight up swap like this that flies under the radar, chances are it’s impact will end up being low.





  • G – Dahntay Jones
  • G – Anthony Morrow

Analysis: It’s not the trade we all were expecting the Magic to make but it’s the only one they ended up making. Morrow’s salary heads to Dallas while Jones and his 3.5 points per game average is headed for Atlanta. While it’s not a bad trade, the Hawks held onto Josh Smith and any trade that doesn’t involve him is going to be viewed as a bad one.





  • 2nd Round Draft Pick
  • G – Ronnie Brewer

Analysis: The Thunder made two trades and ended up replacing point guard Eric Maynor with veteran bench guard Ronnie Brewer. In OKC, Brewer will be able to come off the bench and be a real contributor for a contender while the Knicks got rid of a guy they weren’t sure was going to re-sign at the end of the season.

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