Nick Barnett Has Custom Ford F-650 That Takes $500 To Fill (Photo)

NFL linebacker Nick Barnett was recently released from the Buffalo Bills, but that has not stopped him from riding around in style and showing the world that he is a world-class athlete.

Barnett posted pictures of his new ride, which is a custom camouflage Ford F-650 that he refers to as “Big Black.”

The extravagant ride has a gas tank that can hold up to 145 gallons of fuel and, as you would expect, it doesn’t come cheap. Barnett posted a photo that shows a $500 price tag for a full tank. That is what you should expect to pay when your truck averages a mere 8 mpg in the city and 10 mpg on the highway. That’s not exactly what we call gas efficient.

You won’t be driving that around if you aren’t a NFL player — of course, these are the same kinds of purchases that force players to go bankrupt, but it is still a sick ride.

On average, the Ford F-650 that Barnett owns can cost anywhere from $54,785-$65,710. That price tag comes before any customizations, so you know Barnett had to open up his wallet and shell out some serious cash for all of the work he had done to his whip.

Regardless of how ridiculous or unnecessary Barnett’s ride may be, we can’t help but be in awe over the vehicle that is meant for towing and hauling. Hopefully for Barnett, the truck can haul him to a new city during free agency if he can sign a new contract with a NFL squad. If not, Barnett will at least have some serious wheels to stroll to the unemployment line in.

Here are images of Barnett’s custom F-650, via his Instagram account:

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