Iraq War Vet Has Fake Chicago Cubs Eye (Photo)

One of the worst things we can imagine as human beings is losing a limb or poking out our eye. War veterans come home one after one missing arms, legs, fingers and even eyes yet the end up making the most of their sacrifice for our freedom.One Iraq War veteran went above and beyond when it came to making the most of a bad situation when he asked doctors if he could have his favorite baseball team’s logo included in his prosthetic eye.

The veteran didn’t ask for the logo to be on the side or in the back of the eye — he asked doctors to replace the fake iris with the logo for his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

Now, when faced with having to live the rest of your life with a fake eye, most people are still in a state of depression when they’re asked about what they’d like their fake eye to look like. But this fan couldn’t have made the situation any better as he’s taken a situation that would devastate normal people and turned it into the ultimate display of fan passion.

This isn’t the first time a fan has gone to extreme and bizarre measures to show off their fandom. Back in 2012, a Kansas City Chiefs fan did a similar thing when he got a glass eye with the Chiefs logo replacing the iris. Some guys paint their faces, other guys have foam fingers but this veteran puts them all to shame as not only does he have service to his country on his resume, his favorite team’s logo is quite literally the apple of his eye.

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