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'Harlem Shake' Costs Minnesota High School Hockey Team Shot at a State Title

The ‘Harlem Shake’ craze is taking idiots across the country by storm but for one Minnesota high school, participation in the video cost their hockey team a chance at state title. Mound-Westonka High in Minnesota suspended six hockey players after they participated in a ‘Harlem Shake’ video that their school had apparently approved.

Dion Koltes, the school’s activities director, made the decision just hours before Mound-Westonka’s section game against sixth seeded Blaine. Without their six of their best players, Mound-Westonka were upset by Blake 6-3 and their hopes for making a run at a State Championship, something held as highly as a Stanley Cup victory in Minnesota, were dashed.

“They were just trying to re-create the ‘Harlem Shake’ video,” said Chris Tienter, a junior at Mound-Westonka. “They were like standing on the table, and it really wasn’t necessary for all the suspensions.”

According to reports, the several students received permission from the school to film a version of the Harlem Shake and they were even given school equipment to do so. But despite this, school officials say an incident occurred in the lunchroom that lead to the suspension of numerous students including the six hockey players.

Police issued disorderly conduct tickets to several students involved and a majority of the student were given two-day suspensions. It was the two-day suspicions handed out that caused the hockey  players to miss their game.

Koltes attended Mound-Westonka’s game but had to be escorted out of the area after he was being harassed by students and parents over the suspension.

“You have no idea what you did to these kids,” one man yelled at Koltes who tried to ignore the vitriol directed his way during the game. Others threw profanity laced rants at Koltes before two police officers escorted him out of the building away from fans.

Police are refusing to talk about what lead to the citations until Monday and the school’s principal has no comment on the matter at the moment either. The only thing we do know is that six hockey players were suspended for trying to be kids and their dreams of winning a state championship were casualties of a heavy-handed administration.

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