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NFL Draft 2013: John Elway Thinks Quarterback Class is 'Hit or Miss'

One of the biggest questions entering the NFL Draft is who will be the first quarterback taken off the board and how high will they be taken? As it stands now there are more than a few quarterbacks getting buzz but the general consensus is that none of them are worth taking very high in the draft without it being called a massive reach. Guys like Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib are rising but according to John Elway, the quarterback class is less than impressive and he’s not at all intrigued enough to draft any of them coming in this season.

“There were two or three guys that came in and made a huge impact [last season]. And now you look at it, and there’s not one guy that’s jumping out at everybody at that position,” Elway said Friday. “It’s hit or miss with who is coming out.”

Obviously, Elway is speaking from a very subjective point of view as he not only has Peyton Manning as his quarterback now but he’s got Brock Osweiler learning the craft and preparing himself to take over someday.

“I didn’t want to be in that position,” Elway said of having to draft a quarterback this year. “With Brock coming in, and where we got him, we think we can train him so when Peyton decides to hang ‘em up, we can continue to play at the level we’re at now.”

Not everyone is hating on the class of quarterbacks though. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who draft Nick Foles last season, says that this year’s class has the task of following up last year’s class of standouts.

“You’re coming off a phenomenal year of quarterbacks, one that doesn’t come around very often,” Reid said. “But I would tell you that there are some good players in there, yes.”

We have about two months to go until the draft which means there is plenty of time for this year’s class of players to help their draft stock. The combine is starting to separate the elite players from the rest of the pack, but it’s also managing to raise the stock of those putting in the effort. However any way you shake it this year’s class of quarterbacks is in a unfortunate position and their uphill battle is only just beginning.

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