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Arizona Cardinals May Be Interested in Matt Cassel

The biggest news of the day was that the Kansas City Chiefs pulled the trigger on a deal that will land them San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith with the NFL offseason officially begins in March. But the questions surrounding Chiefs quarterbacks doesn’t go away with the acquisition of Smith, rather it becomes even more complicated than it already was.

Right now the Chiefs starting quarterback is Matt Cassel but that is almost certainly going to change in the coming days. There is no way the Chiefs are going to hang onto both Smith and Cassel which means Cassel is about to become yet another former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

But the question becomes where will he land once he’s ultimately cut by Kansas City? ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that Cassel will be released and that there will be a market for him in free agency.

Will there really be a market for an overpaid quarterback who has done nothing but fail in his NFL career. Cassel’s only passable season as a starter came when he replaced Tom Brady a few years back after Brady suffered an ACL injury. After that, Cassel became yet another quarterback to pull a Kim Kardashian and use a single moment of dumb luck to strike it big.

Just like Kim K, Matt Cassel proved that outside of his 15 minutes of fame, he really isn’t anything that special. However, there are plenty of teams that would be willing to give him a shot as a backup and even one that might be willing to try him as a starter.

As has been pointed out, Cassel replacing Kevin Kolb in Arizona is like replacing a brain tumor with brain cancer — it’s essentially the same thing and things can only get worse.

But who knows, as Alex Smith was a bust until last season and is now as valuable as a second round pick. Maybe a different setting and the right coach is all Cassel needs to succeed. After all, things really can’t get too too much more worse for the Cardinals than they already are — can it?

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