Feb 25, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson (38) shakes hands with Utah Utes defensive lineman Star Lotulelei (30) during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft 2013: San Francisco 49ers Could Package Draft Picks to Trade Up

We have already talked about some of the possibilities for the San Francisco 49ers after trading away quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for two second-round draft picks, but we aren’t done yet.

Immediate speculation led to belief that the 49ers could look to package a number of their 15 picks in the 2013 NFL Draft in a trade for Darrelle Revis or a guy like Percy Harvin. San Francisco fell just short of winning Super Bowl XLVII, so the belief is the addition of another star player could put them over the hump.

While the Revis or Harvin trade talks are exciting for San Francisco fans, the salary cap situation facing the 49ers in the future could prevent them from making a splash on a big name veteran.

So what can San Francisco do with their surplus of draft picks? How about trading up in the draft to land a defensive playmaker?

When the 49ers were without Justin Smith last season, they were a complete different and not as effective defensive unit, so it would make sense for them to target an elite defensive lineman early in the draft that would come at a much cheaper price than a Revis or Harvin.

How about a player like Sheldon Richardson of Missouri or Utah’s Star Lotulelei? It would be a brilliant addition for the 49ers that would help the team immediately while bringing more youth onto the roster.

Richardson has been in the shadows of Lotulelei and Florida’s Shariff Floyd, so it is possible that he could slide out of the top 12 or 15 picks, which would put the 49ers in perfect position to jump up and make him their selection.

Then, there is Lotulelei who discovered a heart defect at the combine. He was viewed as the top defensive tackle prospect but the heart condition could cause him to slide down draft boards. It would be the perfect opportunity for San Francisco to package their picks and land a stud talent.

Whichever way the 49ers decide to go should be a success. They could keep all of their picks, package them and move up in the draft or sent them to another team for a veteran star. The point is they have options and they will be heavily exploring them in the coming weeks.

It’s very exciting for 49ers fans, but the rest of the league should be on notice. The 49ers have five of the top 93 picks in the 2013 NFL Draft and they aren’t afraid to move them.

Consider the 49ers armed and very dangerous.

Which move would you like to see the 49ers make? Sound off in the comments section and let us hear what you believe would be the best strategy for San Francisco.

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  • 49ers Fanatic Back At it Again

    I would like to see both scenarios play out during the draft. 1. I want them to trade up for a play making defensive lineman with plenty of sack potential up the middle Aldon Smith is not double teamed as much throughout the year. And then I want to see them package draft picks, as well as Whitner, and another secondary player plus that 34th pick for Revis, draft a replacement for Whitner and Culiver (who showed his lack of maturity on and off the field before and during the SB) and that way, as we tempt teams into offensive shoot outs they give up the ball to our secondary in turn overs and press coverage from the D-line. That would make the 49er’s a bloody hard team for anyone to beat, even Seattle. On paper, and based on mid to late season performance, Seattle is our toughest competition in 2013-14 season.

  • Somoslos49ers

    We almost pulled off another comeback but came up 3 pts. short in the Super Bowl. Towards the end of the game what we lacked was another receiving threat outside of Crabtree Davis and Walker. The Ravens began to double team and lock down on our best targets. Inuries will always be a part of the game and who’s to say if Manningham were in there the out come may have been different. We need to add a slot receiver like Welker, “though he may cost too much”, or Amendola. We also need another deep threat to take pressure off Crabtree and spread the defense out more to allow Knap more running lanes. I agree whole heartedly, we need defense. We can’t keep playing catch up to win games. We need to grab the lead early and run with the it to make the most out of our clock controling strengths. Our defense was too often put on it’s heels and asked to help us play catch up. We could always keep drafting defense that has been working out for us. Secondary and Defensive line should be our focus in the draft.

  • jaki