Adidas Unveils Embarrassingly Horrible New College Jerseys

The NCAA changes uniforms more than the cast of Friends changed partners, but the latest incarnation of what college uniforms are going to look like are so hilariously atrocious that it needs to be pointed out. Adidas unveiled new college basketball uniforms Thursday which garnered overwhelmingly negative reaction from everyone who has eyes.

If you remember the late 90s and early 2000s, colored animal print was a big deal for about a week, but someone at Adidas thought it would be a good idea to get nostalgic about it and has incorporated they style into the new look uniforms. And it’s not a case where there’s a little stripe to recognize how poor our fashion taste consistently is, Adidas put the animal print design on the shorts — like all of the shorts.

As if that wasn’t already a crime punishable by death, the folks at Adidas are making sleeved jerseys the new norm.

Before this, the appeal of all the uniform changes was to attract students to your school (as if that wasn’t already a horribly under-thought idea). I’m not sure about you, but animal print shorts are exactly the reason I wanted to play college sports and I’m sure it’s going to draw in thousands of new athletes — we may even tap into the overseas market and drain it.

It’s a nice try by Adidas but these uniforms will be quickly phased out of use as they’re just rough all over the place, especially on the eyes. The sheer scorn form the first hour of these being public will convince Adidas that whoever came up with these needs to pay a serious consequence for forcing this visual abortion onto the world.

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