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Chris Johnson Thinks He Can Break Eric Dickerson's Rushing Record

Adrian Peterson came within less than ten yards of breaking one of the most untouchable records in professional sports in Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing total. However, while many experts believe Peterson is the only player in the game today with the skill to even come close to the record, Chris Johnson has other ideas. The Tennessee Titans running back told NFL Network that he believes he can do what Peterson failed to do and break Dickerson’s record.

“Every running back’s goal is to break that record,” Johnson said. “You want to break the 2,105. I believe I can do it.”

Every guy also believes he can date a super model but that doesn’t make it true. Johnson deserves credit for confidence, but he’s done little over the last few years to suggest he’s going to come anywhere nears Dickerson’s record, let alone break it.

Back in 2009 Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards in his breakout season but since then he’s been an erratic dud, going from rushing for less than 30 yards to over 120 then turning around and rushing for less than 30 yards the next game.

Peaks and valleys is not the way to break a single season rushing record, it’s just a good way to tease people who believe you can still do it. However, to Johnson’s credit yet again, the power of the running back must not be underestimated. We all laughed when Adrian Peterson said he’d not only play week one for the Vikings but be a factor, and some of us are still wiping the egg off our faces.

So while it seems hilariously cocky and predictable of Johnson to be talking himself up, from now on we will always have to remember how we doubted Adrian Peterson and how foolish he made his critics look in 2012.

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