Dec 31, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles celebrates with fans during the team walk at FanFest prior to the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl against the Clemson Tigers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Les Miles Resignation Rumors Circulate on Twitter

An ugly rumor began to circulate on Twitter Saturday evening that had people questioning the future of LSU Tigers football coach Les Miles. The negative side of social media was on full display when a baseless rumor that Miles was having an affair with a student that would force him to resign as coach started with one simple tweet and then the rumor spread like a wildfire.

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Here was the start of the rumor:

So you’re telling me a student reporter from Western Kentucky got such a big scoop? Luckily for Miles and the LSU faithful, the rumor was just that. Miles has no intentions of stepping down as head coach and according to a source close to him he said there is nothing to the affair rumors.

Let this be another lesson to us all about the dangers of social media. Just because you see a story on Twitter, it does not make it true. Remember, any schmuck with a keyboard can spark a rumor like this that has the potential to damage reputations.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that there was no truth to Mr. McGaw’s rumor.

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  • Greg Campbell

    I really hope this proves to be untrue, I’m not an LSU fan, but I like this guy.

    • Bob Papadazzio

      Just looked at the Twitter page of the guy who posted it and it says “I only tweeted about the rumor. This whole thing is overblown. I take no credit for any of this haha”

      Basically, he’s a moron.

  • Mike Fussell

    Bobby Petrino will leave WKU for LSU after Miles resigns.

    • Mike Fussell

      There’s a tweet for ya.

    • Bob Papadazzio

      I’m a Bama fan, but Les Miles ain’t goin nowhere. This reeks of BS.

  • Bryant Minton

    I’m a die hard Alabama fan but I really like Les Miles as a coach, the Mad Hatter is somebody that can be admired and respected.

  • Janet Williams Hardin

    No way Coach Miles would jeopardize himself, his family, his career for an affair with a student. Too much class for that. He’s a stand up guy. Wherever this rumor started probably was the site of too much jocularity and booze….

  • Curtis Alan Hatridge

    A student reporter from WKU gets the big scoop, huh? WKU….where Bobby Petrino – who actually WAS involved in an illicit affair – now coaches. Coincidence? :)