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NFL Free Agency: Oakland Raiders May Release Carson Palmer

Pryor is hoping he can earn the starting job in Oakland but it might simply be handed to him as the Raiders are struggling with what to do with Carson Palmer and his $13 million salary. The Raiders are trying to find a way to reduce that salary as much as they can, but they best option might be to just cut Palmer and move on with Pryor and another, cheaper quarterback.

Even if Palmer stays around, the indication is that Pryor will be the starter next season as he’s the favorite to win the open competition that will occur in training camp this offseason. The biggest evidence suggesting this is the fact that the Raiders are trying to reduce Palmer’s salary as much as they can, which is basically saying they’re not anticipating him being a starter, let alone a $13 million quarterback in 2013.

The Raiders need someone behind Terrelle Pryor, but they could very easily draft a quarterback this April and move on with the open competition from there, as a rookie quarterback taken later in the draft would come at a significantly lesser price than Palmer would.

Ian Rapoport from reports that Palmer may end up being released because of all these factors, and it truly does make the most sense for the Raiders.

However, a release by the Raiders does not spell the end of Palmer’s NFL career. He’s demonstrated in the past that he’s not afraid to take a pay cut in order to make a roster, as he refused a significant salary with the Bengals a few years ago. So if the Raiders do end up cutting Palmer, he’ll instantly invigorate an otherwise stale quarterback pool in free agency and will likely land with a team searching for a veteran backup at a good price.


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  • RaiderFan

    Im just going to say, where you are getting your facts? First Dennis Allen stated that Palmer is the starter and Pryor would have a chance to compete, not the other way around. Also, it is much more likely for the Raiders to trade Palmer to another team and get something back for him rather than release him for nothing.

    • Ricky Bobby

      DA doesn’t run anything around here, if he doesn’t like it Mike Holmgren or Sporano will be our next HC.

  • disqus_ux7VPfUXFR

    You are very misinformed. With just a miniscule amount of research you would have easily found out that Palmer is actually slated to be the starting Quarterback, and Pryor is competing for the job. Yes, his salary is high, but he’s the only proven veteran quarterback on our team that actually gives us a chance to win. Why in the hell would we just release him? Step it up man.

    • Ricky Bobby

      He will either be traded or released.

  • Terrance Bryant

    I have to agree, that you are sorely misinformed. The Raiders salary cap issue also is not as bad as you make it out. We are already $6 million under cap and with the anticipated release if T.K. and Rolando McLain we will be $9.2 million under cap. McKenzie wished he had that wiggle room last year and gets it this year. Palmer may be overpaid but you cannot restructure deals every year for under played and over played players, that is the nature of the NFL. McKenzie will not gamble on Pryor. He has to earn the starting job. If the Raiders keep Palmer this year they can cut him next year and spread his salary cap hit over two years for less money. Smart move and McKenzie is a smart guy.

    • Ricky Bobby

      You do realize the Raiders have 17 FA ‘s they have to sign , right?
      He is very well informed & it makes perfect sense.

  • Ron Curtis

    Josh Hill, when you were researching your facts did you use a Raider fan Blog ? If so that would explain why you wrote :

    ” Even if Palmer stays around, the indication is that Pryor will be the starter next season as he’s the favorite to win the open competition that will occur in training camp this offseason.”

    There is nobody saying that but the Raider fans in the Pryor cult. Using a fan blog for a source is some sorry reporting. Show me I’m wrong, respond with your source.

    • Ricky Bobby

      It’s on websites everywhere dude,,, Rotoworld, bleacher report etc.


  • Ricky Bobby

    I have been waiting for this , TP is to be the starter.

  • PWD145
  • Manuel Aspeitia

    Good Its about time did something to spark this Raider Team,gee get rid of Carson Palmer already man! OMG I am not saying TP will take the Raiders to the super bowl but at least he can start to grow instead of having him as water boy,They need to grab Geno Smith and have TP as back up to learn!!!!!

  • Sevada Shah

    the sooner palmer goes the better it is for raiders… i want c T Pryor play… n c where we standing with him.

  • Duke

    man Ricky Bobby…are you so up TP @$$…you smell like it….

  • nate

    Same old BS I have read this word for word like ten times the only thing different is the head line

  • mike

    any one who says palmer cant play is a mamamamoron. he is not a back up. He is a system QB. You give him the right system and he will do great. COACH to your PLAYERS STRENGTHS. Yes he forces the ball sometimes, he is trying to win because the team sucked last year. if we cut him we are saying screw it we dont want to win.!!! give him a better playbook/playcall more talent, better running game…. it is a team game.