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Nnamdi Asomugha, Eagles Continue Moving Towards "Amicable Separation

One of the most talked about defensive players on the open market isn’t technically on the yet as Nnamdi Asomugha and the Philadelphia Eagles are still married to one another. However, a divorce is on the horizon as Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports reports that both the Eagles and Asomugha are on track for an “amicable separation”.

Like Cole said in his tweet, it’s not earth shattering news, but it’s still progress on some direction which is more than we’ve had in recent days. For the better part of a week, the news has remained the same as the Eagles and Asomugha are trending towards separating which would save the Eagles a lot of money and allow Asomugha to get a shot at redeeming his career elsewhere.

Part of the frustration is that we don’t know why the Eagles haven’t released Asomugha at this point if they’re so hellbent on cutting him and saving money. If and when he is released, Asomugha will invigorate an already crowded defensive back pool in free agency. He won’t be a top target like he was a few years ago when the Eagles snatched him up, but it’s clear he still has talent and a team is going to get one of the better deals of free agency if they can get Asomugha at the right price.

He has to be cut first, however, and while both sides are trending towards a divorce, nothing has been made official and there is a chance the two sides hash out a last minute salary reduction deal.

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