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Boxer Shows Up at Fan's Doorstep After Being Taunted on Twitter

One of the greatest parts of social media today is the opportunity it gives us all as fans to interact with some of our favorite athletes from around the sports world. Unfortunately for some of the athletes, Twitter can often turn into a platform for faceless fans to harass the athletes without being seen. The term “keyboard warrior” is used to describe those who throw out insults behind the protection of their computer screen.

British boxer Curtis Woodhouse was on the receiving end of threats and insults from a Twitter user with the handle “jimmyob88,” but instead of ignoring the harassment he decided to take things into his own hands.

Woodhouse sent out a tweet that read, “ill give £1000 to anybody that provides me with address and picture of this man! knock knock!!”

Jimmy didn’t seem scared off by the tweet and continued to taunt Woodhouse.  “what u going to do knock me out like your last opponent ooops,” he tweeted.

But Woodhouse wasn’t playing games.

He quickly learned the name and address of the man known as “jimmyob88″ and tweeted out the information to let his harasser know that he was serious about showing up to take care of business.

When Jimmy learned that Woodhouse was not messing around, he quickly backed down and tried to play his harassment off as a joke.

“chill out pal i was only doing it so you would bite back it was only a bit of harmless fun,” Jimmy wrote. “i was only joking about Didnt think you would be bothered thought you would take them as a joke. i am sorry its getting abit out of hand i am in the wrong i accept that”

To prove that he was serious, Woodhouse made the journey to jimmyob88’s house and tweeted out a picture from the address.

As you would expect, the Internet tough guy never showed up.

Woodhouse ended his fun by sending out amessage reading, “He never came out to play so im going back home! maybe a bit daft what i did today but sometimes enough is enough”

Let this be a little lesson to us all about the dangers of harassing public figures on Twitter. It may seem like a good idea to get brave behind your computer screen and send out insults and threats to those that you will never see, but don’t be completely surprised if they show up at your doorstep looking to deliver a whooping.

After all, if you are being a keyboard warrior, you would deserve any beating you got.

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