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Detroit Lions Offering Reggie Bush Starting Running Back Role

One player who likely won’t be a free agent much longer is ex-Dolphins running back Reggie Bush who is expected to sign with the Detroit Lions at some point this week. To sweeten the deal and ensure Bush doesn’t accept a deal anywhere else, the Lions are reportedly offering Bush the starting running back role, meaning  if he signs with the Lions he’ll be handed more carries than Mikel Leshoure.

Previously, it was believed that Bush would be splitting carries with Leshoure is he decides to sign with the Lions, but something has motivated Detroit to change their tune.

As it stands now, the Lions are in direct competition with the Arizona Cardinals for Bush’s services and while they have more money to offer, they didn’t have the ideal role. With Beanie Wells hitting the market, the Cardinals were offering a bigger role. Many believe that Bush will ultimately sign with the Lions but Detroit must have been getting nervous as they altered their end of the deal from what was being speculated on Tuesday.

As for Bush, he still hasn’t decided where he wants to sign yet.

“Reggie has a tough decision to go through,” a source close to him said Tuesday, via Yahoo! Sports. “He’s very careful about how he considers these situations. He asks a lot of questions and wants to know all the ins and outs about how a team wants to use him. But, you know, in his heart, he wants to play all the time.”

Now that the LIons are offering the money and the role, it’s only a matter of time before he winds up signing with the Lions. But this is free agency in the NFL and far stranger things have happened.

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