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NFL Network Apologizes to Bill Belichick for Dropping F-Bomb Last Night

Last night things got a little heated on NFL Network and it had nothing to do with the free agency news rolling in. For those who were watching, some profanity laced background noise was captured during a segment discussion Bill Belichick on NFL Network last night. An unnamed voice (Warren Sapp) was heard cursing the fact that the network was running yet another segment with a former Bill Belichick employee praising how much of an unrealized genius Belichick was with the Browns back in 1995 and now the NFL Network has issued an apology to not only their viewers but to Bill Belichick himself.

“Before we give you the news of the day we want to offer an apology,” NFL Network host Chris Rose said. “Last night during some live programming, we accidentally aired an expletive. It will not happen again, so our sincerest apology to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the Patriots family, Robert Kraft and his entire family, a classy organization out there. Once again, it’s not who we are, it’s not what we do, and it will not happen again.”

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing over the fact that a television network directly apologized to someone who had their name in the same sentence as a curse word.

We all know the NFL controls the NFL Network, so it’s not completely ridiculous that they issued an apology to the most powerful coach in the league, but it’s pretty close. They way the NFL Network reacted was though Warren Sapp — the man almost everyone believes uttered the little tirade — stood up in front of the camera and began telling the world that Bill Belichick is a serial killer.

If you listen back to the audio, its really hard to pick out what was said, but enough hubbub was made about the incident that the network felt it necessary to issue an apology to Bill Belichick.

So the next time you question how powerful Belichick is in the NFL, just remember the day that the NFL’s communication department dropped to it’s knees to make sure the most surly man on the face of the Earth didn’t hold anything against them.

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