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Seattle Arena Developers Debut Interior Concepts

With each passing day, the return of the NBA, and possibly NHL, to Seattle is coming closer and closer to happening. On Thursday, just hours before the Sonics priority ticket waitlist launched, the developers behind the proposed Seattle Arena debuted concept looks of the interior.

The developers, led by primary investor Chris Hansen, promise that the new arena will be unlike any other in the NBA. The bowl of the arena is steeper than any other based on the pictures shown. The arena will also have what Hansen calls “Sonic Rings” that circle the top of the arena which will supposedly increase the “intimacy, noise, and intensity” of the arena.

The following is directly from about their decision to make the seating steeper in the balcony:

  • Improved Viewing Angles: The creation of the Sonic Rings and resulting ability to significantly increase steepness of the lower bowl, results in MARKEDLY improved sight lines for all seating categories
  • Reduced stratification between seating levels: Creating a more vibrant, festive, and social experience in the upper levels and giving typically premium seating amenities to all of our fans
  • Significant Flex Capacity: In addition to seating for over 2,000 patrons, the design of the Sonic Rings allows for significant incremental standing room capacity so we can “flex up” for the big game or “flex down” for more intimate events
  • Increased Intimacy, Energy… and Noise: We believe that pushing the entirety of the seating bowl closer to the court and having 2,000-4,000 fans literally overhanging the game not only creates the most intimate venue in the NBA, but will also provide you with the opportunity to create the loudest, most energetic atmosphere in yet another pro sport—or better yet two!
  • More Cost Effective and Sustainable Building: This introduction of the Sonic Rings and resulting compression of the seating bowl significantly reduces the roof spans — which makes for a more cost-effective and sustainable building

The deal to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle isn’t done yet as there is still a group in California fighting to keep the team in the state’s capital city. However, with each further development made by the Seattle group, the inevitable is seemingly bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Courtesy of, photos of the concept can be seen below along with a quick video.

View of the steeper seating in the “Sonic Rings”

View of the court from the upper suites

The “pocket suite” which will circle the lower bowl of the arena

A view of the “Supersonic Jet Turbine” on the roof of the new arena.


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