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Miami Dolphins Have Decision to Make with Davone Bess

The Miami Dolphins have proven to be the hungriest team in free agency this offseason so far and it serves them right. The team has been awful as of late and just last year began to show promise once again under the leadership of rookie Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins seem fully invested in surrounding Tannehill with talent but all their free agent activity raises questions about guys who were already on the roster — specifically wide receiver Davone Bess.

Bess went from being the potential No. 1 target on the offense to a No. 4 option in the matter of a week. Mike Wallace will become Tannehill’s No. 1 target and Brandon Gibson will fight with Brian Hartline for the No. 2 role on the team leaving Bess the odd man out. Not to mention the addition of tight end Dustin Keller complicates Bess’ situation as well, so the question becomes what will the Dolphins do with him?

For starters, they could cut him as his $2.63 million base salary for the 2013 season is a bit pricey for a guy who will end up the fourth option in the passing game. But don’t count out the chance that head coach Joe Philbin wants to hang onto Bess, as it wouldn’t be the first time in his coaching career he juggled a crowded receiver rotation.

During Philbin’s days in Green Bay with the Packers, he regularly had to deal with four receivers as targets for Aaron Rodgers, and the system ended up being a massive success. The main reason was the fact that Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL at the moment, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and put Tannehill in a situation where he has four standout targets at any given time.

Bess would likely have to re-do his deal with the Dolphins, as his salary is a bit outrageous for what he’ll be, but just because the Dolphins gave big money to three receivers this offseason, it doesn’t mean Bess is on his way out in Miami.

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  • Glen Wells

    That is ridiculous! Bess has been the only constant on a team full of underachievers. I’m a Fins fan and I don’t see Bess going anywhere and if anything the competition will bring out the best in him.

  • Shane Sneller

    As I recall, Bess only has one more year left on his current contract. I could see them trying to trade him(Rams possibly?). I still think we grab a WR high in the draft, that will force this situation. I’ve loved his consistency when everything else was falling apart around him. I’ll sure miss him if it comes to pass.

  • Jimmy Burnaka

    Pass the pipe to the next guy, this article is stupid. Bess is going nowhere. First off what makes you think Gibson is better than Bess. Gibson has averaged about 3.1 catches per game, Wallace about 3.75, and Bess over 4. Bess has yet to play with an elite QB, while both Gibson and Wallace have had by far better QB play. Wallace is to be the deep threat, Gibson, Bess, Keller, the chain movers, with Hartline as the secondary receiver. If Tannehill CAN step up, Bess becomes MORE important, not less, and his numbers should improve. They were better than Gibson’s last year, and better for their respective careers. If Bess had played his career with a Brady, or Peyton, or Breeze, you would LOVE his career stats. He is a 1000 plus yard receiver with those guys.