NFL Approves Rule Change That Bans Peel Back Blocks

Dec 9, 2012; Tampa FL, USA; An NFL logo is seen on the field after a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is voting on some potential rule changes at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona this week. So far, there has been only one vote held and the new rule has passed. The first rule change up for vote was placing a ban on peel back blocks and overloading on extra points and field goals. Judy Battista passed along the news of the successful vote:

I have to say, this is a rule change that needed to happen. The league puts an overwhelming emphasis on protecting offensive players, but the defensive players are not getting the same kind of protection. They will not be protected a little more with the ban on peel back blocks.

Take this block from Golden Tate on Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee for example. In the past, this was a clean hit and did not result in a flag:

There is no way you should be able to blindside a defensive player and have that kind of clean shot on him. In this specific case, Tate was later fined, but he should have been flagged when the play happened. Repeat violators of the new peel back ban should also be subject to suspension.

What do you think of the new rule change? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Sean Jeffries

    I think they should start wearing flags and make the game “touch” only, seems like the direction they’re heading, amirite?

  • Charles Territo

    this is the way of the nfl. about time player safety is more important than wins, success, money and all the other avarice going on in the game today. anyone who thinks playing tackle football should have cowardly chicken s**t plays int he game is sean jeffried!! rotflmao!!

  • Matt

    This doesn’t look like an illegal peel back to me, since the rule states the player also makes contact below the waist.Tate clearly did not hit Lee below the waist.