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New York Jets Set to Release Tim Tebow

The Tim Tebow saga in New York as seemingly reached it’s apex. According to ESPN New York, the Jets are going to release punt protector Tim Tebow if they can’t find a trade partner for him. What this means is, Tim Tebow is going to be released in the very near future and his NFL career protecting on punts will continue with another team.

A league source indicated to on Tuesday, however, that nothing has changed with regard to Tebow’s status on the team. The Jets are holding out hope they can trade him and are in no rush to do so. They could stretch the process out to the draft, but failing a trade, the Jets will release him, the source said.

This may come as a shock to Tebow’s cult, as earlier this week head coach Rex Ryan indicated that Tebow was still a part of the Jet’s special teams future, and even said that Tebow might even get reps at quarterback.

“He’s on the roster, and he’ll get a chance to compete,” Ryan said of Tebow. “We’ll see how the offseason plays out, but right now Tim is on our roster.”

Tebow’s time in New York has been a complete waste, and both sides have long been aware of that fact. The Jets are trying to save face by trading for him, but the punt protector has virtually no trade value whatsoever and his release is almost certain. Tebow has an offer from an Arena League football team on the table which means he’ll be playing football next season.

The only problem with playing in the AFL is the fact that punting is illegal, so it’s going to be interesting to see where Tebow plays. There’s also that career in politics Tebow’s been hinting at, and to be honest he’d make a wonderful politician. For years now Tebow has convinced the world that he’s a quarterback and still has people under that impression, so we do know he’s good at the one requirement you need to be a successful politician in America.

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  • anpel

    Wow, what a snarky little article.

  • Kevin Dylan

    Usually the trolling is done in the comment section not in the article.
    I’ve read some one sided, closed minded. biased crap before but this is the worst of the worst from a supposed media source.
    Josh Hill must be living one very unhappy life to have the desire to try a bit of media assassination here. Or maybe his heart is home to lots of disgusting hate.

    You tried so hard in this article Mr. Hill to attack Tim Tebow but all you did was to meticulously out yourself as a hate filled individual who lack the ability to be professional.

    This article is brief but its a great sample of the ugly anger and hate that you carry inside.

    I feel sorry for those unfortunate enough to know you. I pity them.

  • J Jackson

    Wow Josh, one thing is certain. I will avoid anything with your name on it in the future. Not only do you desperately need a copy editor, or at the very least an intern to proof your writing, your not so subtle and poorly presented bias makes you look like a complete idiot.
    One of the single most ridiculous waste of 5 minutes I have ever read.
    I may apply for your job, I will have my eight year old write my first article.
    It has to be better than the garbage you toss out.