Dancing With the Stars: Dorothy Hamill Drops Out of Competition With Spine Injury

We had a shocking end to this Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars results show, and something we haven’t seen happen before. With two couples facing elimination, Dorothy Hamill –who had already been saved by the voters– revealed that she had a life threatening spine injury that is going to prevent her from continuing on with the competition.

Hamill tearfully came out after a commercial break to reveal to the hosts and the viewers at home that her doctors had advised her not to continue dancing, as it could cause long term nerve damage to her spine.

“Doctors orders,” Hamill said as she tried to smile through tears.

By revealing her ailment after already being saved, Hamill’s exit from the show saved a couple that would have otherwise been eliminated. Boxer Victor Ortiz was in the bottom two and facing elimination before Hamill revealed her injury and bowed out of the dance. It wasn’t revealed who would have otherwise been going home, but based on the popularity contest aspect of the show, odds are that Ortiz would have had to hang up the shoes.

Hamill’s reveal shocked everyone, including the hosts and judges who were not told of her injury until she revealed it to them during a commercial break. Each judge expressed sadness over losing Hamill, who would have otherwise danced again next Monday. But everyone acknowledged her position and applauded her decision. Gossip rags had broke news earlier in the day that Hamill might have to quit the competition, but it wasn’t confirmed until Hamill spoke on the show.

So one athlete is already gone from the competition, albeit under incredibly unusual circumstances. Hamill danced well, but Ortiz was likely saved by her bowing out and it’s going to be interesting to see if he brings it hard next week knowing how close he was to being knocked out.

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