Miami Dolphins New Logo Confirmed

It was leaked yesterday to some mixed responses, but the Miami Dolphins confirmed today that the logo making the rounds on Nike gear is indeed the logo that they will be wearing for the coming years. But how did the logo leak? According to the team’s CEO, it was someone at Nike that is responsible for the leak.

It was leaked by somebody at Nike,” team CEO Mike Dee said Wednesday after a press conference regarding the ongoing stadium renovation effort, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “We had always had a plan to kind of roll it out over a 30-day period so we’re going to start rolling it out.  But the logo is only one part of the announcement.  It’s a complete re-branding of the team.”

The team was originally slated to unveil the new look on the first day of the 2013 NFL Draft. A quick note about the above image, the team’s new helmet will have a white facemask.

“There’s a lot of history in this in that we went back to colors, the true aqua and the true orange that were part of the first 29 years of the franchise’s history,” Dee said. “But the logo design itself and some other things you’ll see respect that tradition in the past but also have an eye on the 21st century Dolphins.”

Here is the side by side comparison of the Dolphins new and old logos:

Photo via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

What do you think of the Dolphins new logo? It was been met with mixed reactions, so let your voice be heard in the comments section.

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  • ehsank24

    It’s this simple: They win, people will love it. They lose, it is fugly.

  • Tommy Gosling

    Looks gay!. leave our Dolphins alone Mr Ross. nothing wrong with the old logo.

    • All Coug’dUp

      Too late, lol. The old logo was cool just for the fact that it had the helmet. I would’ve liked to have seen some sort of football incorporation with it.

  • jactucke

    Ugh! Looks horrible…dolphins already don’t have many teeth, but this took what little bark our logo had…sad, sad day.

  • mario

    Rumor has it the face mask is gonna be white. White face mask with white helmet….not good.

  • Chris Gambardella

    i like the old logo better

  • disqus_EUCzwNHCTR

    Keep the old logo! The old Dolphin looked mean and angry! this one looks like Flipper from Sea World doing a trick! Don’t mess with a good thing!!

  • Jay

    What an awful, pedestrian logo. It looks a logo for a cruise company or a S. Florida nursing home. Shame on Mr. Ross for taking apart a once proud franchise…all in the name of his over inflated ego. The best move would have been to go completely retro….give us the old Fin logo from the Shula era (before the cartoony version), complete with the old classic uniform.

  • Geoff Fryer

    Terrible piece of junk. Just shameful

  • Don

    Many of fans are used to the old logo and if the team disapoints those fans anymore especily with the new look they just might find another team to cheer for so Miami we’ve been waiting along time give us fans thats been with you since the early years a very productive year.


    First the Marlins ruined a perfectly good logo/color scheme and now the Dophins are following suit. Just like the new Marlins gear, I will refuse to wear anything with that new logo. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am such a hard core Dolphin fan, this could make me want to go find a new team to root for. Win or lose, I will dispise this change. Bleh

  • Jenna Lapan

    What an awful logo. All they had to do was make the dolphin a little aqua color and make the orange lighter. I like the old logo go back to it please.