Opening Day 2013: A.J. Burnett's Rosin Bag Explodes All Over Him (GIF)

A.J. Burnett’s Opening Day start for the Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t go as well as some would have hoped. But the 3-0 hole he left the Pirates in when he left in the sixth inning wasn’t the low point of his afternoon. In the fifth inning, Burnett came out to the mound and powdered his hands with his rosin bag, as you do every time you come out to the mound. But this time, things didn’t go as well and the bag exploded all over Burnett, much to his displeasure.

It’s unknown whether this was an April Fool’s Day prank by a teammate, but needless to say the hot tempered Burnett wasn’t pleased about the incident, almost walking off the field before being handed a towel by the training staff.

The best part of the whole situation was Burnett’s priceless reaction. It was brief, but the instant the bag rips open and explodes on him, you can just imagine what he’s saying to himself before walking away from the mound. It’s an extra bonus if you’re a Yankees fan still miffed that Burnett was such a bust with the team, or if you’re a Jays or Marlins fan still upset that Burnett bolted for more money with a new team.

It’s not often that rosin bags tear open like that, but at the end of the day it goes to show you just hoe loaded those things are. Burnett’s day ended soon after the rosin incident and his 2013 season is off to a hilariously awful start in just about every way.

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