Buffalo Bills Management May Have Mislead Tarvaris Jackson

Before they signed Kevin Kolb, the Buffalo Bills had really only one option at quarterback and that was Tarvaris Jackson. He wasn’t the best option, but rather he was being penciled in as the starter out of sheer desperation to fill the role. But now that Kolb is in town, and with the likelihood that the Bills will draft a quarterback at some point in this month’s NFL Draft, it’s now looking like Jackson won’t rise above the No. 3 slot on the depth chart — which means Buddy Nix and Bills management may have mislead Jackson when he re-signed with the team not too long ago.

Jackson re-signed with the Bills at a time when he looked to be the only starter on the roster. But now he’ll have to compete for the job and it’s anyone’s guess as to how that revelation will strike Jackson as the offseason barrels onward. At this moment, Jackson seems content with his position on the team, but he is under the impression that he’ll be fighting for a starting gig — which may end up being a long shot.

“Before I left I had been talking to Buddy Nix and that was really one of the main reasons why I came back,” Jackson said, via the Buffalo News. “Just talking to him it seemed they really wanted me to come back. That was No. 1 on my list. It was a no-brainer. … It was just talking about how things played out and it’ll be a little different this year. I’ll get a chance to compete, so that’s all you can ask for.”

That chance to compete may not bring much success, as Kolb is the clear-cut favorite to start and whomever the Bills draft may very well win the job in the offseason. The Buffalo News suggests that it’s not a reach to say Jackson may not rise above the third-string job with the Bills in 2013, and after hearing that Buddy Nix sold him on a return, that might not sit well with Jackson when the season begins.

Still, Jackson’s set up better than most third stringers to make a run at a starting gig. It’s not like he’s competing with the Manning brothers for the job, he’s going up against the wobbly Kevin Kolb and an unproven, yet to be named rookie quarterback. So while he may not rise above third on the depth chart, if that’s where Jackson ends up he really only has himself to blame.

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  • NWBill

    I disagree with the premise of this column. I don’t think that Tavares Jackson is so dumb as to not see in general what the Bills’ likely moves were going to be after the season ended. With a new coach and staff coming in, why wouldn’t he think that he’d have a good chance to compete with Fitz and whomever else was going to be on the roster? New coaches and staffs want to win right away, and opening up the QB battle is a good way to find out who’s got the sand to lead this team. So, if I’m Tavares, I would have re-signed based just on that. But, wham! Fitz gets cut, and the Bills start working out ever QB in the country, it seems! Who’d be surprised at that? Everyone knows that you can’t have too many good QBs – very few make it through a season without an injury. So, what exactly have the Bills done to make Jackson think he’d been “misled”? If I were him, I would have felt that way if Nix had sworn up and down that he, Jackson, was going to be the starter NO MATTER WHAT! An obvious lie like that is clear even to the most basic football fan.

    Look, Tavares has been around the block a few times in his life and career. He knows that he’s going to face competition, and he also knows that whatever team he’s a part of will do WHAT’S BEST FOR THE TEAM – whether that syncs with what’s best for TAVARES JACKSON, OR NOT. If he somehow thinks otherwise, then he deserves being the 3rd stringer, and as far away from the top spot as possible. Somehow, though, I doubt it. I think that we’ll be watching a battle – an HONEST battle – between Tavares, Kevin Kolb, and either Ryan Nassib or Matt Barkley come training camp …. and the winner of that battle will be the Bills’ starting QB – because Doug Marrone seems like the type of guy to roll that way. If I had to guess, right now? I’d say Kolb ends up the starter (for now), with Tavares as #2 and whoever they draft carrying the clipboard this year. And that sounds fair to me.