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Oscar Pistorius Cleared to Race at Paralympic World Championships

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius is awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp back in February, but that won’t stop the Olympian from competing in the IPC World Championships in France this July. Pistorius was cleared by the world governing body for Paralympic sport, according to the UK’s Telegraph Sport.

This news will surely be met with mixed feelings.

Pistorius’s agent Peet van Zyl has been notified that Pistorius is able to register. The IPC cleared Pistorius because they do not feel he should be banned from competition before his trial. He is set to resume training soon.

Many could feel that Pistorius competing in the Paralympic Worlds could be disrespectful to the family of Steenkamp as they watch their loved one’s murder continue to compete while they still grieve over their loss. However, van Zyl told the Telegraph Sport that Pistorius competing should not be viewed as disrespectful.

“This is not disrespectful to Reeva or her family,” van Zyl said. “This has been part of his life for so many years. If it makes things easier for him to work through it and get some sense back into his life, let him run and let him jog. He’s a human being and that’s maybe an outlet for him.”

In a sense, you can understand why Pistorius would want to compete while he still has the opportunity.

But should the IPC allow him to compete? That is the real question.

Pistorius is free on bond, so he should be able to earn a living as he feels fit until the legal process sorts itself out. For Pistorius, it just so happens that his means of income is on a national stage. Pistorius is just doing what he has done his entire life as he deals with what he has done. No one should take his decision to compete as a sign of disrespect to the victim.

What do you think of the IPC’s decision to clear Pistorius for competition? Let us hear your thoughts on whether or not Pistorius should be able to compete by sounding off in the comments section.

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