March 28, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby (87) glances over his shoulder at the face-off circle against the Winnipeg Jets during the second period at the CONSOL Energy Center. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Sidney Crosby Likely Out Rest of Season With Concussion Symptoms

There is some bad news coming out of Pittsburgh surrounding Penguins star center Sidney Crosby. After being hit in the face with a puck over the weekend, Crosby was taken to the hospital and had surgery on his broken jaw. Initially, the team just announced that Crosby would be out indefinitely, but now there is some concern that it could be much longer.

Concern began to rise when Crosby spent two days in the hospital after his surgery because of his history with concussions.

Now that the dust has settled, it looks like those concerns could be a reality.

There are numerous rumors and reports making the rounds that the Penguins star will likely miss the rest of the season because of concussion symptoms. If that proves to be true, it could be a devastating blow to the Penguins championship hopes.

Howard Eskin has also passed along a report on Twitter:

Of course, Josh Yohe of the Tribune-Review is refuting the report and claims that Crosby is symptom free.

With that news, the East is up for grabs.

If Eskin’s report is true, it is especially troubling because of Crosby’s past with concussions and you have to wonder how this could damage his career moving forward. Could this be the end of Crosby’s career? Should the Penguins continue to put Crosby on the ice knowing that he is only a few big hits away from being a vegetable for the rest of his life? Concussions are nothing to mess around with.

How would Crosby’s absence affect the Penguins in their quest for the Stanley Cup? Would they still be the favorites to take it all with their loaded roster or could another contender emerge?

Is the rumor true? We’ll have to see how the story continues to develop.

Sound off in the comments section and let us hear your thoughts on the potential loss of Crosby for the remainder of the season.


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  • Bp11

    Ray Shero has said on like 3 different occasions now that Crosby does not have any concussion symptoms whatsover.

  • Bryan Jordan

    Even if Crosby has a concussion, what part of it says they are risking him becoming a vegetable by being on the ice? The guy took a slapshot to the face, which could give anyone a concussion. Maybe all players should be held off the ice? Interesting writing.

  • BigRest

    Straight up false rumor mongering.

  • Sam Vecenie

    This news is NOT coming out of Pittsburgh. Howard Eskin is a Philadelphia reporter who isn’t close to the situation at all. Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review just categorically denied the rumors. This isn’t a story at all.

  • Mamu15

    Josh Sanchez have you ever heard of fact checking? This report is FALSE

  • pensfan

    the east is up for grabs? what reality do you live in?

  • steven janowski

    the story is totally wrong. Crysby has a bruised vagina, that is all.

  • Joe Mama


  • eve11
  • Joe Soriano

    All of you people sitting here damning Josh don’t know much about “reporting” yourself. Josh isn’t reporting, he’s relaying reports from both Philly and Pittsburgh writers, and he’s making you guys decide for yourself. I’m 99% sure Eskin’s report is false, because Bylsma, Shero, and Yohe have completely refuted that. It’s not fair to harp on Josh for providing facts from both sides and merely wondering if Eskin’s report is possibly true. Sports writing is all about looking at all the available facts and reports, and that is exactly what Josh did. If you want to get pissed at anyone, then go complain to Eskin for his tweet- not Sanchez.