Louisville Cardinals National Championship Shirts (Photo)

The Louisville Cardinals have done it. They came in the favored team and ended the season the best team, and now it’s time for some serious celebrating in Louisville. Things weren’t easy for the Cardinals and their magical run took a dark turn with the gruesome injury to Kevin Ware, but despite everything the Cardinals ended their season on a tear and ran through not only their last Big East tournament, but finished as the last team standing in college basketball.

Now that they’ve been crowned the kings of college basketball, the Cardinals can begin to relish in their victory and obviously that starts with some championship threads. The Cardinals NCAA National Championship shirts have been released and are set to go on sale immediately for Cardinals fans all over to scoop up and display their victorious pride on their bodies.

The Cardinals are also releasing two other championship shirts with the slogan’s “Cut The Net” and “Net Worth” to commemorate the Cardinals ceremonial cutting down of the net after their win.

Incase you’re wondering why the Cardinals are selling adidas shirts when they have a deal with Nike, Darren Rovell has an explanation.

But really, if you’re part of the Louisville faithful tonight, if you’re worrying about licensing rights you’re obviously a fan of the wrong team. The 2013 sports season now has three major champions in the Baltimore Ravens, Alabama Crimson Tide and now the Louisville Cardinals.

That’s not bad company to be in and those championship threads aren’t the worst thing to be caught wearing either.

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