Worst Strike Call Ever: Rangers vs. Rays Umpire Blows Strike Call (GIF)

The Texas Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday night, but that was in large part because of one of the worst strike calls of the year — and maybe ever. Texas won the game, 5-4, but it was the final strikeout that left a terrible taste in Rays’ fans mouths.

WARNING: This may be the worst call you have ever seen. It is not for you is you suffer from a weak stomach or if you are a Rays fan. Here is the call in question:

Marty Foster knew immediately after the game that he blew the call and he understood the outrage from Rays manager Joe Maddon.

“I saw the pitch and, of course I don’t have the chance to do it again, but if I did, I wouldn’t call that pitch a strike,” Foster said. “Joe was not violent. Joe was very professional. He was frustrated and I understand. He acted probably the best he can under that situation.”

Yeah, that was about as poor of a call as you can have and it cost the Rays the game.

The fact that Maddon didn’t go completely off the wall and react like a toddler who didn’t get their way is very impressive. My reaction would have been much worse.


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