Danny Amendola's Father Suing Cowboys Stadium over 2011 Runaway Cart Incident (Video)

Danny Amendola may play for the New England Patriots now, but his name is being attached to the Dallas Cowboys — because his father Willie Amendola is suing the stadium they play in after injuries he sustained in a cart accident back in 2011. The video went viral, but Amendola is and never was laughing about it and has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Cowboys Stadium.

The incident in question happened back in 2011 when the Texas 5A Division I state high school championship was taking place at the Jerrydome. Amendola was the head coach of the Spring Dekaney Wildcats and was being interviewed at midfield after the big win. It was then that a cart careened into him, knocking him and everyone around him over like bowling pins.

Workers desperately ran after the cart in an attempt to stop it and while the entire scene is absolutely hilarious in the most Keystone Cops kind of way, the incident not only caused personal injury to Amendola, but also ‘great personal anguish and embarrassment’, according to the lawsuit.

While it’s funny to watch, Amendola was dragged approximately 30 feet before the cart was stopped. In the video, Amendola is seen being flung into the cart and is desperately trying to stop is while clinging to the wheel. He leaps out soon after and the cart is eventually contained. It was an embarrassing moment for Cowboys Stadium, and it’s one that will have to be paid for by someone.

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