August 2, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers cornerback Tyrann Mathieu (7) during the fall camp practice at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrann Mathieu Tells NFL Teams He Failed More Than 10 Drug Tests

We all knew that former LSU Tigers defensive back Tyrann Mathieu had a marijuana problem, but we weren’t sure exactly how serious it was. I remember being personally told the day that Mathieu was dismissed from the team that he had failed 13 drug tests at LSU. I didn’t want to believe that it was true, but what Mathieu is telling teams proves that bit of information is very close to the truth.

According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, NFL teams have been asking Mathieu how many drug tests he failed in college and the number is staggering.

I quit counting at 10,” Mathieu answered. “I really don’t know.”

That’s a bigger issue.

At some point LSU needs to stand up and help Mathieu. It was clear that he had a problem and they allowed him to play and smoke away his collegiate career. They put football before helping the younger man and that is completely unacceptable.

Sure, Mathieu shares the responsibility and shouldn’t have been lighting up, but the lack of support and help could have made the problem much bigger than it ever should have been.

It’s easy to see why Mathieu left LSU to get better.

Now, Mathieu has been spending a lot of time in South Florida as he rehabs himself. He’s been impressing NFL scouts throughout the draft process and his NFL career has been given new life. He has shown a new sense of maturity and understanding and that has gone a long way.

In the NFL, Mathieu will receive the support and help that he never got at LSU. Hopefully he will be able to stay on the right path and have a successful career.

With the draft less than two weeks away, Mathieu looks like a third- or fourth-round pick.

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  • Mike Confino

    What the hell is a “marijuana problem?” Last time I checked, the kid smoked marijuana all the time and happened to be one of the premier athletes in college football. Please explain to me how his frequent marijuana usage was a problem to anyone except those who continue to support antiquated, backwards, ignorant laws that criminalize the possession and use of a plant that harms no one and helps quite a number of people. Ricky Williams smoked marijuana daily to deal with his social anxiety disorder and was one of the top running backs in the NFL. Did he too have a “problem?”

    • Danny Bowen

      It’s simple, because its illegal. and it DOES harm someone.. clearly.. it cost this kid millions of dollars because he was addicted to a supposedly non-addictive drug as I’m sure you would claim. It DOES have medicinal purposes, but we will never really get those weeded out of the week (pun intended) because people just want the high. If we could take the high out and just have it solve the medicinal problems no one would want the drug that doesn’t get you high. People can see through that shit. Yes, its not as bad as alcohol, but alcohol abuse, illegal or not will harm you as well. Just because you ignore the effects of it doesn’t mean anything. It hurt Ricky Williams too.. he couldn’t STOP smoking it to save a career. There are legal prescriptions for social anxiety disorders (if that isn’t just some made up term for shy) you don’t have to smoke illegal drugs. If people would stop abusing it they might be able to make it legal.

      • Jimy Crakho

        crock of bs right there…every point you make about it being bad for someone is in fact that it being “illegal” is bad for someone… You don’t have to smoke pot…you can vaporize it, mix it with food, chew it lke tobacco…

      • Mike Confino

        Actually, there are ZERO scientific studies that claim marijuana is physically addictive. While some people might get mentally addicted to it, their is absolutely no proof whatsoever of any physical addiction. There is also no proof that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, which cannot be said of cigarettes. Smoking marijuana makes you calm, relaxed, and peaceful, while drinking alcohol often makes people agitated, less risk-averse, and more prone to violence. Alcohol destroys the liver and brain, while no proof exists that marijuana causes any permanent bodily harm. New scientific studies are showing that marijuana actually has a great number of medicinal properties, and has shown success in treating glaucoma, nausea, depression, anxiety, and even has shown the ability to shrink cancerous tumors. Alcohol has no proven medicinal qualities and is responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths per year, not to mention the countless alcohol-fueled rapes and assaults.

      • Mike Confino

        Oh, and Ricky Williams “couldn’t stop smoking” because he was using it to treat his social anxiety disorder. He is on record as saying that he started smoking marijuana to deal with his social anxiety disorder because every pharmaceutical drug he was prescribed caused bad side effects, while marijuana didn’t. Listen to commercials for any pharmaceutical out there, and you’ll hear a laundry list of side effects. What exactly is marijuana’s worst side effect? Getting hungry and giggly. I’ll take that over nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, internal bleeding, and any other side effect you could get from drugs your doctor prescribes.



  • Stephen Flynn

    What a bullshit article. LSU can only help those that are willing to want help and are willing to help themselves. He was over the age of 18, eligible to vote for President and to serve his country in the armed forces he is considered a man….legally. A man makes his own choices and has to decide for himself that he wants help and has to be willing to accept it. Tyrann chose to smoke dope…LSU isnt his mother and even then at that age his mother isnt truly responsible for him…This “its everyone’s fault but mine” mentality by the liberal Socialist media is causing a generation of young adults to need crutches and not accept responsibility for their actions. Its helping to form a DEPENDENT SOCIETY…which is the goal of Socialist

    • Mike Confino

      He doesn’t need help though. His life was just fine before LSU decided to kick him off the team for no good reason. He was just living his life and dominating the SEC, and then the news came out he smoked marijuana and everyone freaked out and he got kicked off the team. If marijuana was legal (as it should be), this wouldn’t be a story and Tyrann Mathieu would still be at LSU, getting ready to make a run at the Heisman.

  • BJL

    This is stupid. Who wrote this garbage?

  • Dale Carter

    Funny, no one would give a damn if he got shit-faced drunk (I’m sure no top draft picks did that) every weekend, but smoke weed and you have a “problem”.

    BTW, I don’t smoke pot, I just find the hypocrisy to be staggering.

    • Dale Carter

      That said, he should have followed the rules that he agreed to when he signed with LSU.

  • BigAlsSwamp

    But LSU did try to help, and finally gave him the big push he needed by pushing him off the team and making him finally realize what he was doing to himself and any possible future he had.

    • Mike Confino

      Yeah, he finally realized what he was doing to himself…getting high with friends and probably playing video games and eating Doritos. Then he went to bed, woke up in the morning, and was dominating the SEC every Saturday afternoon. Please educate me as to how his marijuana use personally harmed him. And don’t say “he lost out on millions of dollars, etc etc etc.” The marijuana didn’t make him lose that money; ignorant people who think marijuana is a scary, evil drug that ruins lives cost him that money.

  • Jeff Soyez

    This article is complete bullshit. Tyrann Mathieu knew exactly what he was doing. He broke team and league rules with zero disreguard or concern for anyone else but himself. 10+ drug test failures! Thats a blatent “i dont give a **** about anymore but myself, I know its against team and league rules but who gives a damn I can do what I want attitude.” LSU or any college for that matter is bigger than one damn player. They have to look out for themselves because if they give in, that can cripple a university. Ask USC about that. The assbackward NCAA finds out LSU covers up continuous drug test failures and still allows the guy to continue to play on team what you do you think is going to happen to LSU, especially since they were already either on or just got off probation for the b/s for russel sheppard and the other associsted players. This narrow minded, blame everyone but myself and accept zero responsibilty attitude of the writer is a disgrace