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Kansas City Royals Ball Boy Runs In Front Of Rajai Davis As He Tries to Catch Foul Ball (Video)

Being a ball boy seems like a really sweet gig. Not only are watching the game and getting paid for it, but you quite possibly have the best seat in the house. But while it seems like a sweet gig on the surface, being a ball boy does have it’s pitfalls especially if you lose track of where you are and run in front of an outfielder trying to make a play.

That’s exactly what happened to a Kansas City Royals ball boy on Friday night. When Alcides Escobar skied a fly ball that drifted into foul territory, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Rajai Davis thought he had a play on it — but that unnamed ball boy thought the same thing for himself. Both men made plays for the ball and it looked like we were not only going to get an embarrassing moment for the ball boy, but a painful collision as well.

Thankfully, the collision was avoided but the embarrassment is still ripe.

It’s hard to get angry at the ball boy, especially considering Escobar grounded out despite having new life thanks to the blunder. In his defense, the ball boy wasn’t purposefully trying to interfere with Davis but he still nevertheless interfered. According to the umpires, since there was no contact interference wasn’t called, despite the fact that it looked closer than any fan interference call we’ve ever seen.

We probably haven’t seen this happen for the last time, but it’s definitely one of the most bizarre ways we’ve ever seen an outfielder be “interfered” with. We can thankfully look back on the whole incident with a laugh and a smile, as Davis wasn’t hurt, the ball boy wasn’t hurt and the play didn’t have a impact on the outcome of the game.

One thing that might come out of this though, is a reconsideration on what constitutes interference, because as we saw on Friday night it’s not just the fans who paid to get in that can get in the way of a  play, it’s also the fans being paid to sit on the field as well.

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