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Boston Marathon Explosion: Two Heavy Blasts Shake Finish Line

UPDATEHere is the latest information that we have been able to gather:

  • The New York Post and FOX News reported that a suspect was in custody, but the Boston Police Department has called the information faulty and says that they have no one in custody.
  • JFK Library was not affected by the bombings. A fire that caused damage started in the mechanical room.
  • At this point, two are confirmed dead with CNN reporting over 100 people have been injured. There are six people in critical condition.
  • Police controlled a third explosion and continue to find secondary devices. They are urging everyone to go home and be safe.
  • Google has created a Boston Marathon person finder:
  • Cellphone service shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives
  • The Boston Globe has set up links to help displaced marathon runners. Marathoner who needs a play to stay?  Have a place to offer runners? 
  • The Red Cross has a site people can use to reconnect:

The Boston Marathon was rocked with two big explosions near the race’s finish line on Monday. The Boston Police Department Spokesperson who said there was “some sort of incident at 671 Boylston Street,” according to Business Insider. No other information was shared at this time.

“On my left a huge explosion went off. We rant to our right and basically ran into the second explosion,” CBS News Producer Kylie Atwood said. “You could smell a sulfur type of sensation int he air and that is when everyone realized it was pretty bad.”

Atwood added that the second explosion happened approximately three minutes after the first.

There have been reports of at least a half a dozen people that were hurt in the blasts, but everything is still developing. CBS Boston is reporting that as many as 20-30 have been injured.

At this time, there are three confirmed deaths.

The AP is reporting that bloody spectators are being carried to the marathon medical tent that was set up to treat fatigued runners.

There has been no indication of anyone accepting responsibility for the explosion yet. The explosion appeared to originate at or near a hotel that is near the finish line.

Here is some of the reaction on Twitter with images from the scene:

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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