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DeAndre Hopkins, Mark Harrison's Hotel Room Trashed at NFL Scouting Combine

Rumors surfaced last week that two 2013 NFL Draft prospects had trashed their hotel room at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, but the names had not yet been released. Now, with the draft just one week away, we learned who the two culprits were.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

Here was a description of the trashed rooms from Yahoo! Sports:

National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster confirmed to Yahoo!Sports that a room in the Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis was found after the combine with feces and urine scattered in the bathroom, toothpaste on a mirror and garbage, including uneaten food, all over.

“I can confirm that a room was left in an inappropriate condition and we’re disappointed by both players who occupied the room,” Foster said. “There was no material damage to the room; otherwise we would be pursuing further action and really be trying to get to the bottom of the situation. It’s just very disappointing, and the people we feel the worst for are the people at the Crowne Plaza who had to clean it up.”

Well, that isn’t exactly what you want in a potential first-round wide receiver. With the news that it was Hopkins and Harrison’s room that was trashed, Hopkins will almost certainly slide out of the first thirty-two picks. However, to be fair to Hopkins, there are some rumblings that he checked out of the room before it was trashed. Regardless, his name will be associated with the room.

As for Harrison, there is a chance that this issue will remove him from team’s draft boards.

It is unbelievable that players can screw up to this magnitude during the biggest job interview of their careers, but this is exactly why NFL teams do everything they can to learn every detail about a prospect. This type of behavior sure raises a red-flag.

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