December 9, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; New York Jets quarterbacks Tim Tebow (15) and Mark Sanchez (6) on the sidelines during the second half of the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets defeated the Jaguars 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez Thinks New York Jets Are to Blame for Tim Tebow Debacle

One of the most embarrassing stories last season took place in New York. No, it wasn’t just that the Jets made a mockery of themselves, it’s that the Jets made a mockery of themselves while pretending to be the sports world’s biggest story. When they traded for Tim Tebow in the offseason, many thought that the Jets would be rolling out a grand master plan that would stun defenses and lead New York to the top of the AFC.

Instead, it blew up in their faces and cost people within the Jets front office their jobs. Now, Mark Sanchez is speaking in the matter and is placing the blame not Tebow, ESPN or his fans for creating hype about the move rather he blamed the New York Jets directly.

“I just don’t know if it was the best situation for either of us, but you play with the cards you are dealt with and do the very best you can,” Sanchez said, via the Daily News. “I think part of that, too, is ESPN didn’t necessarily sneak in overnight at our training camp. They had to get permission to go. You can avoid that stuff on your own if you like, in my opinion, but he’s a popular guy and people gravitate towards the guy. He’s a special person and a heck of a competitor, so people want to know what’s going on, but that’s all I got on that.”

Sanchez in a position where he can blast the Jets, since it wasn’t long ago that they were trying to dump him on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a potential Darrelle Revis trade. Sanchez has long been criticized as being one of the main problems with the Jets moving forward, and he was benched last season after performing poorly.

But Sanchez isn’t trying to fall into the tricks of the old regime and isn’t afraid to paint a truthful picture, no matter who blunt or ugly it truly is. We all knew the Jets were largely to blame for hyping Tim Tebow and then failing to follow through on promises, it’s just nice to know not everyone in the organization has a muzzle on when it comes to how things are being run.

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    Mark, that’s a classy comment!!