Jacksonville Jaguars Will Unveil New Uniforms Tomorrow

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms and how they will be revolutionary to the NFL game. While fans are getting excited to see the new threads, they will finally get to catch a glimpse of their team’s new look on Tuesday.

Everything that has been rumored about the Jaguars new uniforms appears to indicate a major change.

We previously discussed the “military theme” that will inspire the Jaguars uniforms, which will allegedly result in the players names being on the front of the jersey under the Jaguars logo which faces the heart.

Let’s not forget my favorite part of the new look which is the helmet.

The helmet shell will be two-tone — starting out gold and then fading into black. The logo on the side of the helmet could also be larger than a typical logo, like the Boise State Broncos Pro Combat helmets. It would really bring Nike’s innovative style to the NFL for the first time during their run as the official uniform supplier of the league.

The Jaguars official Twitter account sent out a little teaser for the helmets on Monday morning where they called their new domes, “revolutionary.”

Jacksonville certainly plans to make some noise with their new uniforms, and that will all start Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. ET when the team starts to roll out their “revolutionary” Nike look.

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