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D.J. Fluker's Twitter Account Reportedly Hacked, Discussed Taking Money While At Alabama

D.J. Fluker came mighty close to a colossal screw up on Tuesday morning. The NFL Draft is right around the corner, but players still have ample time to mess up their potential draft status by doing and saying stupid things. Sam Montgomery already fell victim to the latter, stating that he took easy games off while at LSU. Now a fellow SEC lineman is in potentially hot water after a late night tweet sent short lived shockwaves though the sports world.

Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker, a first-round prospect, tweeted early Tuesday morning that he accepted payment while playing with the Crimson Tide. This is obviously a direct violation of NCAA rules and would result in serious sanctions against Alabama. But almost as soon as it was tweeted, the message was deleted and Fluker’s agent issued a statement saying his client had been hacked, and we should all ignore the tweet that was sent out.

It’s probably best to give Fluker the benefit of the doubt in this situation. Not only would it be one of the stupidest things a person could do, the tweet didn’t jive with everything else the supposed real D.J. Fluker had been tweeting up until then. No less than an hour before the tweet, Fluker spelled ‘what’ the right way and there has been no instances of misspelling the word prior to the bogus tweet.

And as far as the hacked tweet starting an investigation into Alabama’s recruiting practices just to make sure nothing’s going on, you forget that the NCAA would investigate itself before it investigated Alabama for anything. It’s the NCAA, when did it start being mistaken for a legitimate organization?

Fluker’s tweet, whether it was real or not — and it’s almost certain it was just a hacked tweet — wouldn’t have effected his standing with NFL teams a whole lot, as much like the NCAA, teams could care less if an Alabama player took money to play at the university.

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