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Minnesota Vikings New Uniforms Unveiled (Photo)

Nov 11, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings helmet sits on the bench against the Detroit Lions at the Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Lions 34-24. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their revolutionary new uniforms and the Miami Dolphins unveiled a new look that left a lot to be desired, the Minnesota Vikings quietly unveiled their new uniforms which features a modest approach to an old-school look.

The Vikings new uniform features a different font and the elimination of the horrendous white side panels as it takes us back to a more old school look.

Here is the Vikings new uniform, via Twitter:

As you can see, the new look isn’t anything spectacular, but the elimination of the side panels is certainly a welcome change. Personally, I like the simplistic approach. The throwback feel makes me enjoy the uniforms more than the flashy futuristic look that we see from teams in college football and the arena league.

What do you think of the Minnesota Vikings new uniforms? Do you approve of the new look or think that the throwback flare isn’t enough to excite the fan base about their change. Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with us.


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  • Sean Jeffries

    MUCH better than the new Jag’s uni’s. I too appreciate the simpler look MIN will be sporting. More classic, which I think the NFL should be all about

    • burbankTJ

      looks like the helmets are matte which is a pretty cool twist on the classic. the jags uniform is pure ugly.

  • burbankTJ

    sooooooooo much better. I’ve been embarrassed the last few years really…

  • Matt Pelc

    Better, but I don’t like the purple pants. I liked their 1990′s look and liked their road jerseys with the yellow, even though they looked like LSU a bit.

  • Erik Ugland

    A modern twist on the classic designs. As a lifelong Vikings fan, I like the new threads. My favorite are the throwbacks they wore last year against the Packers with the dark helmets and black shoes, but I’m cool with these. I’m also grateful that they didn’t go the USFL route that the Jags chose. Ugh!

  • William Wayne

    The Vikings have ugly uniforms.

  • Clif_Smith

    I love it! A modern twist on a classic.The return to a deeper, darker purple is welcome. This uni is simple,dignified and powerful.I am also glad they went to purple pants on the road uniform. Let’s go Vikes!

  • greatuntitled

    I like the Vikings’ new uniforms. The only changes I would make are (1) regular glossy-finish helmets instead of matte-finish ones, (2) I’d go back to the unpainted gray facemasks, and (3) I’d get rid of the purple pants.

    The Dolphins’ new unis are not that bad–they just need more orange, and the Jaguars’ new Arena League uniforms are just disgusting.

  • Mike Bridges

    Been a fan for 40 years and I’m so thankful the team is taking a step back in time. They aren’t exactly the throwbacks they wore before but, these are so much better than the current unis. I love the dark, regal purple that goes back to the originals. They have had grey, white and purple facemasks over the years and I would love the return to grey but, can’t have everything! A return to the purple pants is OK but, I loved the white ones with the yellow stripe outlined in purple that ran down the leg. Over all the uniforms are great and now the NFC North has all 4 teams in a traditional look. Even tho I have a dark purple throwback replica helmet, with a grey facemask I think the matte finish is OK. Can’t wait to see the Vikings in those new uniforms!
    I must say that the exclusion of the helmet on the Dolphin on the Miami logo is a let down. I don’t really like the new logo and at least a splash of Orange on the unis would have been nice.