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NFL Draft 2013: Jason La Canfora Plans to Tweet Picks Before they are announced

The fine folks at ESPN and the NFL Network announced that they would be banning their reporters from sending out the picks of the 2013 NFL Draft on Twitter before it was announced at the podium from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The news was met with a great reaction from fans who enjoy watching the draft on television and experiencing the entire draft process with all of the drama and surprise. When people like Adam Schefter or Chris Mortensen would tweet out the picks, it would ruin all of the intrigue.

So while ESPN and the NFL Network will be doing the fans a favor and giving them what they asked for, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports plans to go ahead with tweeting as normal.

His message? If you don’t want the draft to be spoiled, then stay off of Twitter or simply unfollow him.

“We’re not a broadcast partner for the draft,” La Canfora said. via Sherman Report. “I will be trying to get the information out as quickly and accurately as possible. What event is made more for Twitter than the NFL draft? If the teams have the information; if the guys in the production truck have the information; if the commissioner has the information; why wouldn’t passionate football fans want it as well?”

It is likely a decision that will be met with much scrutiny, but if you are really that concerned about learning picks before they are announced, step away from your social media outlets. It is not that hard.

Just like with any other event, whether it be a television show like Game of Thrones or a sporting event that you have recorded, you can avoid any spoilers if you keep away from the places they surface now. So, draft fans, just avoid Twitter if the surprise of a pick really means that much to you.

For me, that era is over. I just want to learn the picks and move right along.

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  • http://twitter.com/bluenotebacker Sean Jeffries

    So this guy is assuming that people who follow him or CBS Sports wont be watching the Draft since it’s not on their channel? I don’t really understand his reasoning, though I guess you can’t fault him for wanting to scoop the broadcast? Seems poor form to me, sort of sour grapes “I’ll do what I want regardless of what the league seems to want”

  • http://sidelionreport.com/ Zac Snyder

    This is a controversy I find entirely pointless.

    If you’re in a public place and some people are discussing a movie you really want to see but haven’t yet, you don’t ask them to stop talking about it. The same goes with draft picks on twitter. If it really bothers you that much, and I have no idea why it would, then just avoid it. If you’re bothered by the release of picks yet so tied to twitter that you can’t stomach the thought of staying off it, you probably need to re-examine your life.

    On the other side, I really don’t see the value in getting a tweet out a minute before a pick is announced. This is a debate in which I give a big “who cares?” to both sides.

    We’re probably talking about 10% of the NFL fan population that will even be active on twitter during the draft. This “problem” is confined to the twitter bubble and twitter users exaggerate the size of that bubble.

  • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

    There is absolutely no reason for La Canfora to Tweet this stuff out seconds before the picks are announced. People enjoy Twitter and they enjoy watching the draft. It would be cool if they could do both without getting spoiled. La Canfora can say “unfollow me” but he will be retweeted like mad so that won’t do people any good.

    The draft really is like the Oscars to a lot of people in that there is some fun and suspense in hearing the name read. Sure, people could stay of Twitter but why should they have to? I like interacting with other fans and so forth during games and league events.

    It isn’t like it takes some great reporting for La Canfora to get the word of something that is about to happen a few seconds early. So why bother?

  • Brian Howden

    I will be watching the draft with my cell phone off as well my computer, problem solved. As for LaCanfora in think its ridiculous that you have to be the guy that gets the announcement out, maybe a minute before its actually made. I like LaCanfora but I think he’s making a mistake. However if you want to be surprised do what I am doing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SanteeJack Santee Jack

    Maybe the NFL should ban him from attending…