April 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; General manager Phil Emery (left) and head coach Marc Trestman (right) stand with first-round selection of guard Kyle Long (center) from Oregon University during a Chicago Bears press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Chicago Bears

The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone, and now it’s time for some reflection. While some teams traded around to get who they want, others stood pat to see who would slide to them — and if there’s one thing to remember about this draft it’s players that slid around the rounds. But now that the draft is behind us, the all important grading phase has begun, so lets take a look at how the Chicago Bears did in this year’s NFL Draft.

Draft Picks

  • (20) Kyle Long, g, Oregon
  • (50) Jon Bostic, lb, Florida
  • (117) Khaseem Greene, lb, Rutgers
  • (163) Jordan Mills, ot, Louisiana Tech
  • (188) Cornelius Washington, de, Georgia
  • (236) Marquess Wilson, wr, Washington State.

Best Pick: Kyle Long, G/Oregon

Long will be able to come in and give Jay Cutler what he needs — protection. By forgoing a linebacker in the first round when they had the pick of the litter, the Bears showed that they’re truly committed to making this offense better than it has ever been.

Worst Pick: Marquess Wilson, WR/Washington State

This has more to do with where the Bears decided to address the wide receiver issue rather than who Marquess Wilson is. Yes ,he’s got some issues but the Bears have receiver issues and the fact that they didn’t address it until their last pick in the draft is more than just a bit troubling.

Analysis: It’s a hit and miss class for the Bears, as they started strong and bold with Kyle Long and grabbed some real talent in Khaseem Greene and Cornelius Washington. But they didn’t address the receiver position quick enough and didn’t show enough interest in upgrading one of the most essential positions for Cutler to succeed.

2013 Draft Grade: C+

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  • ManGod

    Frankly, I am troubled not necessarily by the picks of Emery, but more by the negative reaction frm the media. The Bears addressed their biggest needs through free agency in the off season with the signings of Bushrod, Bennett, Williams and other moves. Their draft selections all have natural ability that is undeniable and can not be taught while all the downsides seem to be in areas more of a learning nature or teachable skill sets. Given that they addressed immediate starter concerns for at least this season, I am very intrigued by their selections as ‘diamonds in the rough’ and their potential value truly is limitless if they respond and learn from the immediate point going forward. What bettor mentors could be asked for in the LBs than Briggs….better that having Peppers or Tillman or Forte to learn the value of work ethics and rewards from? And what of the fact that Wilson who possess serious speed and natural ability as a reciever to be mentored by one of the most elite recievers in the NFL with Brandon Marshall who also knows how to overcome and turn your life and career around in the face of adversitity? I can see 2-3 of these drafted rookies making contributions to this team right away as rookies…and becomming next years starters on this team and performing at a level that will ultimately make this a very successfull draft for Emery and the Bears.

  • Mr Dix

    I like his pics. The majority can be starters. Wilson will be incredibly good if he gets his act together. Needs to add muscle too. But he’s compared to Larry Fitzgerald

  • Mr Dix

    If they didn’t address the line it wouldn’t have mattered cause your qb can’t throw without a line. That was the bears main concern. Dildos on this site are remedial. I should Fuck your ass for writing this garbage of an article

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.miner1 Jim Miner

    If you read draft breakdowns across the country right now this is about a positive as any pro is willing to go and the fans on sports radio or morons.

    Long is a freak with HoF lineage and the potential to a 10 year beast. “But he only starter 4 games…” Big Cat starter zero games and was the anchor of a solid line for almost ten years. Long runs like some draft at WR.

    The two LB’s have defects but both were slated to be picked and to play NFL football. Bostic is in the right place a lot but can’t shed blocks. Then again neither could Urlacher. Greene is fast and smart but really small. The other tackle is a 4 position back-up, a worker and possible starter.

    And here’s my favorite for all the fans bitching that Long or Bostic. The WR in the 7th. He was projected as a 1st rounder until he quit the team. If you’ve read about Trestman and “these aren’t pieces of a puzzle they’re men” perspective it’s an ideal match.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.miner1 Jim Miner

    That was on my phone so I didn’t see the typos until now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not correct.

    Marquess Wilson is guy who needs a hug… and Trestman is the man to give it to him. When is the last time the Bears got potential 1st round value in the 7th round?

  • http://www.facebook.com/antoine.collins.3 Antoine Collins

    We didn’t pick anyone I would liked us to pick but I’m satisfied cause I can see Phil’s direction in the draft. Just hope the coaching can make their talent translate on the field.