Apr 26, 2013; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions first round draft pick Ezekiel Ansah (second from right) poses for a photo with president Tom Lewand (left), general manager Martin Mayhew (second from left) and head coach Jim Schwartz (right) during a press conference at the Lions Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Detroit Lions

The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone, and now it’s time for some reflection. While some teams traded around to get who they want, others stood pat to see who would slide to them — and if there’s one thing to remember about this draft it’s players that slid around the rounds. But now that the draft is behind us, the all important grading phase has begun, so lets take a look at how the Detroit Lions did in this year’s NFL Draft.

Draft Picks

  • (5) Ziggy Ansah, de, BYU
  • (36) Darius Slay, db, Mississippi State
  • (65) Larry Warford, g, Kentucky
  • (132) Devin Taylor, de, South Carolina
  • (165) Sam Martin, p, Appalachian State
  • (171) Corey Fuller, wr, Virginia Tech
  • (199) Theo Riddick, rb, Notre Dame
  • (211) Michael Williams, te, Alabama
  • (245) Brandon Hepburn, lb, Florida A&M.

Best Pick: Darius Slay, CB/Mississippi State

Many had Slay pegged as the second or third best cornerback in the draft, and by taking him the Lions addressed a serious position in need of help. They only took one cornerback in but Slay was the right guy to be the pick if the Lions wanted to only take one cornerback.

Worst Pick: Michael Williams, TE/Alabama

Williams is a prototypical ‘Y’ tight end and he’s really nothing special at all in the Lions offense. He’s not going to start, he’ll contribute largely on short-yardage situations and won’t be a guy that breaks through anytime soon for Detroit.

Analysis: All in all, the Lions put together one of the better drafts this season out of all the teams. They grabbed Ziggy Ansah to come off the defensive line, Darius Slay was a steal in the second round and even Theo Riddick will be able to make the offense more dynamic and dangerous.  If I’m a Lions fan, I’m really happy with what my team did.

2013 Draft Grade: B+

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ChrisWyman15 Chris Wyman

    I love how you chose to pick one of the best draft picks this year as the worst lmao. When Reiff was playing the position that Michael Williams is slated to fill it was a nightmare for head coaches throughout the league. One head coach determined it was as great a weapon as playing against Adrian Peterson. It’s lazy writing such as this that get’s even the most diehard fan pissed off. Williams is an elite blocker at a position of need. He will fill in more than adequately for Riley Reiff at the H-Back position and he is a GREAT pick up for our Detroit Lions if not the best pick in this draft.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hunafa.armstrong Hunafa Armstrong

      Dude, I love you man. Specs ops can’t penetrate with out the people who supports them. He may not take claim to what he has done for someone, but he is still will decorated. Alabama is a running machine and Williams was the explosion to drive those wheel forward. They are all apart of the team

  • lions fan

    As a die hard lions fan I just don’t think we should of wasted our first pick like wedid lots of great DE in round 2 I think everyone in the top11 got a better player sad to see a great CB go to the jets and not us

    • jamds

      you are dead on… but milliner only had a couple picks on Alabama over hyped.. we should have traded up to get blidi wreh Wilson… and lose like a 4th pick… and ansah is unproven and way over hyped… I am so disappointed

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonyfischer21 Tony Fischer

    Ummm Ya we drafted a punter and in the fifth round. We not only drafted a punter in the fifth round but we drafted the 10th ranked punter. We not only drafted the 10th ranked punter in the fifth round but he is from Appalachian State. Oh ya did I mention we drafted a punter.