Dec 2, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers helmets sit on the sidelines during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the Vikings 23-14. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Green Bay Packers

The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone, and now it’s time for some reflection. While some teams traded around to get who they want, others stood pat to see who would slide to them — and if there’s one thing to remember about this draft it’s players that slid around the rounds. But now that the draft is behind us, the all important grading phase has begun, so lets take a look at how the Green Bay Packers did in this year’s NFL Draft.

Draft Picks

  • (26) Datone Jones, de, UCLA
  • (61) Eddie Lacy, rb, Alabama
  • (109) David Bakhtiari, ot, Colorado
  • (122) J.C. Tretter, ot, Cornell
  • (125) Johnathan Franklin, rb, UCLA
  • (159) Micah Hyde, db, Iowa
  • (167) Josh Boyd, de, Mississippi State
  • (193) Nate Palmer, lb, Illinois State
  • (216) C.J. Johnson, wr, Grand Valley State
  • (224) Kevin Dorsey, wr, Maryland
  • (232) Sam Barrington, lb, South Florida.

Best Pick: Johnathan Franklin, RB/UCLA

Worst Pick: Josh Boyd, DT/Mississippi State

Analysis: The Packers put together a pretty fine draft when you look at the whole thing. They grabbed two really solid running back in Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin who can provide the Packers with the running game they’ve alway s been lacking under Aaron Rodgers rule. Even guys like Kevin Dorsey, who is a raw route-runner, can flourish in this offensive system.

2013 Draft Grade: B-

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  • lions fan

    I think the packers will have a off year this year and I would like to see arod play good with no offence of weapons like Favre did and see how great he is then

    • Christine Quenaud

      You’re an idiot Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are two very different style quarterbacks and i don’t know what you’re smoking but Favre did have weapons and when you have accuracy like Rodgers does you can make garbage look good you know just like the lions have c Johnson and he’s makes Stafford look good same concept

    • Jerick

      You mean you wish the Packers have an off year. Rodgers has plenty of weapons still, with a couple premier RBs to keep defenses honest.

      We win the division (again) 12-4 and play SF in NFC championship. (Not sure who wins, SF had an excellent draft this year also.)

      No offensive weapons though- that is a classic!

      • Josh Hill

        Yeah, the Packers were stacked before the draft and now Aaron Rodgers just got stupid rich with two top RBs to play with in his offense. As I’ve always said, if the packers can get a running game, they’re going to be unstoppable. They now have that running game, this is going to be an exciting and high scoring year.

  • Scott Rochon

    They had a nice soft offensive line, so TT drafts 2 more just like them. When are these “Experts” going to realize that RB’s don’t dictate how good the running game is? You cannot run with a horrible O-Line. They gave up more sacks than anyone not named Arizona, and they were the 26th ranked running team.