Oct 21, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones point to the fans prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones: The Downfall Of The Dallas Cowboys


He rewarded Tony Romo’s inadequacies with a $108 million contract. He kept Jason Garrett, after two seasons of inconsistency in which the Cowboys squandered their chances of making the playoffs. His competence in the 2013 NFL draft was nothing short bewildering.

His name is Jerry Jones; and slowly but surely he is systemically tarnishing Dallas’ legacy as being America’s team.

Despite these ill-advised decision which normally would have resulted in a deserved termination, Jerry Jones still continues to bend this organization to his will, seemingly unaffected by the disappointments of millions of fans who wish they could harken back to the good ol’ days of the valiantly dominate Troy Aikman era.

All these fans have left to be proud of is the nostalgic memories of a team that is slowly dissipating and in its place the franchise has become a disgraceful mockery of what it once was.

While there will come a day when the die-hard fans of the Dallas Cowboys will have the opportunity to rejoice their teams return to greatness, today is not that day.  It’s not going to happen at the beginning of this season.  It’s not going to happen next year, or even five years from now.  As long as Jerry Jones remains the unwavering dictator who acts on his own accord, this franchise, and all the personnel that reside within it, will have to suffer until the next regime takes over.

Looking at the NFL draft alone, it becomes completely clear that Jones’ incompetence it not only blatantly outlandish, but also that his tyrannical ignorance is simply astonishing.

You would think that after your defense was fairly inconsistent, both in terms of opposing the pass and the rush, that you would take either a versatile cornerback or a hefty defensive tackle to beef up an inconsistent defensive line.

But no.

Instead, Jones’ saw it adamantly fit to waste his first round pick on a center which had no business being selected in a defensively dominant first round (he probably should have been selected closer to the latter half of the third round).  On top of that, he stubbornly waited until mid way through the third round to select a safety, and even went so far as to hold out until the fifth round to acquire a running back, which was desperately needed after the Cowboys running game was borderline non-existent (31st in the league).

In all honesty, the Cowboys would have been better off letting a toddler select names at random from a hat.  This is a sentiment that anyone who watched the atrocity that was the Cowboy’s draft selection, would uphold as more sensible and even more reliable than what Jerry Jones thought was best.

While these concerns are only empty epithets in terms of how it will affect the job security of Jerry Jones, they can no longer be denied as flukes that are irrelevant that will eventually subside over time.

As long as Jerry Jones is at the helm of this franchise, the Dallas Cowboys will be doomed to a life of mediocrity and irrelevancy until this man resigns.  Buckle up your seat belts Cowboys fans, because that reality could take a while to come to its much-needed fruition.

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