Feb. 23, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Vancouver Canucks left wing Daniel Sedin (22) receives congratulations from center Henrik Sedin (33) after scoring in the second period against the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What's Wrong With the Sedin Brothers in Vancouver?

The Vancouver Canucks are traveling to San Jose tonight to try and get a game back against the Sharks, but it’s going to be a tough task to accomplish. The reason for this stems directly from the struggles by the Sedin brothers, Henrik and Daniel. Despite being two of the best players in the game today, and the best players on Vancouver’s roster, the brothers have struggled to be productive for the Canucks and it’s looking like Vancouver’s chances hinge on whether or not they can get it together in time.

Vancouver needs goals from the Sedin brothers but they’re getting nothing but assists at the moment and even those aren’t coming as frequently as fans would like. So far through two games, Daniel and Henrik Sedin have combined for 10 shots on goal, two assists and zero goals and because of that the Canucks are dow 2-0 to the Sharks.

The absence of production from the Sedin brothers was painfully apparent in the Cancucks Game 2 loss in overtime to the Sharks. Situations like that are ones where the Canucks need their best players to step up and the Sedin brothers really let them down. The scoring chances are there, and Antti Niemi is a top-notch netminder, but the Sedin’s are supposed to be heading up one of the most powerful lines in the Western Conference and that line is crumbling with their lack of production.

It was predicted that the series would come down to how well Niemi managed against the Canucks top two lines, as they’re without a doubt two of the best lines in hockey. But Vancouver is top heavy and after the first two lines, the talent and skill drops off on weaker third and fourth lines. With the Sedin brothers producing on the low level they are right now, they’re taking away the top heavy dynamic and making the Canucks an evenly mediocre squad.

Vancouver came close to tying the series on Friday but again the lack of punch from the Sedin brothers proved to be a detriment to Vancouver’s power.

Bottom line, the Sedin’s need to start showing up for the Canucks or this is going to be a very short series. It’s tough to say whether they’re just in a slump or if the Sharks have somehow found a way to contain them. But if Vancouver wants to make a series out of things, Daniel and Henrik Sedin need to step up and be the leaders they’ve been in the past as San Jose has their number right now and everyone in Vancouver looks wide-eyed and foolish.

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