Launches A ‘Tebow Tracker’

Poor Tim Tebow. When will it end?

In an apparent effort to out-annoying ESPN, has launched a “Tebow Tracker” to help NFL fans keep tabs on the most-covered third-string QB in the history of the NFL.

Isn’t it glorious?

The “tracker” is actually just a webpage with some text on it, that speculates which teams might and might not sign Tim Tebow.

Around The League Editor, Greg Rosenthal, has been given the unenviable task of running the “Tebow Tracker,” which was launched on May 2nd at 11:06 a.m. and updated later that day at 6:06 p.m.. Perhaps Tebow went to the mall or something. It doesn’t really say.

The best part about the “Tebow Tracker” is the graphic, which sports a radar illustration in front of which is a photo of Tebow, backpack slung over his shoulder, with a forlorn look on his face. It’s absolutely pitiful. Sad Tim Tebow is on the move.

But to where? Where, God? WHERE?

It will be interesting to see how ESPN counters’s “Tebow Tracker,” which is the most annoying stunt pulled by the sports media since ESPN launched its “Heat Index.” Surely “The Worldwide Leader” will find some way to include reporter Sal Paolantonio, who they forced to move in to Rex Ryan’s basement so he could cover every single moment of “Tebow-mania” in New Jersey.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like any NFL team wants to touch Tebow, probably because of the unnecessary and unhealthy media circus that comes along with him. Tebow’s best chance to get another shot in the NFL may be to vanish for a while, only to re-enter the league under an assumed identify ala Leon Sandcastle.  All he needs is a Jesus wig, porn stache and to call himself Jim Tebag.

Then again, it will likely be hard for Tebow to vanish long enough to assume his new identity without detection. Not while the “Tebow Tracker” is recording his every move.

Godspeed, Tim. Godspeed.

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