May 10, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith (7) drops back to pass during New York Jets rookie minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith: An Overrated Liability


Being disappointed is one thing. Leaving the NFL draft because you weren’t selected in the first round is not only a display of conceded immaturity; it is an egregious act that shows the true colors of a future NFL quarterback.

While it is understandable that Smith would feel slighted due to the fact that several mock drafts had him as a top ten draft pick, it is simply unacceptable to succumb to your emotions, particularly when your position of choice designates you as a confident leader.

Rather than displaying professional dignity, Smith chose to capitulate himself to his own heightened ego which inevitably damaged his reputation as an up and coming professional athlete.  However, Smith’s ill-advised antics didn’t stop there.  His chronic frustrations with being supposedly black balled elevated his corrupted mind set to the point where those who helped him were also caught in the crossfire.

Less than a week after the New York Jett selected Smith in the second round, the young and naïve athlete took the liberty of firing his agents without remorse.  While Smith stated that the firing of his agents wasn’t due to his disappointing drop in the draft, he was extremely vague on the circumstances that led to their termination; “I don’t want to shed too much light on it,” Smith said in an interview on SiriusXM Radio.  “The thing that I can tell you is that it’s not because of the whole draft experience.  As of right now, I don’t feel comfortable talking about all the details of it.”

What seems disingenuous about this statement is that it lacks any type of directness or culpability.  Rather than confidently conveying a pertinent answer to the situation, Smith decided to dodge the question all together.  This not only points to a sign of desperate deception, it also displays that this young athlete is way in over his head in terms of making these types of drastic decisions.

However, even with these emotional disputes, Smith is at least worthy of being a highly touted draft pick right?  While Smith completed an impressive 71.8% of his passes during the 2012 regular season, 34% of his thrown passes were at or behind the line of scrimmage.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that in West Virginia’s six losses, Smith completed less than a quarter of his 15-yard throws and was typically off target on more than half of his passing attempts.  Finally, Smith averaged only 7.7 pass yards per attempt, the fewest of any top quarterback prospect.

What this means is that not only was Geno Smith lucky to be selected even in the second round, but the notion that he deserved to be a top ten overall pick in the draft is simply preposterous.  This is why mock drafts should only be considered as professional speculation rather than justifiable gospel (that’s another story for another time).

Given all this information, is it safe to say that Smith is on the path to being a total bust for a team that is on the precipice of being not only the worst team in the league, but also as a broken franchise that fans and analyst talk about in jest?  Can the incongruous actions on Smith’s part be attributed to a nervous youngster trying to alleviate the tension he feels with the media, or is Smith simply trying to ingratiate himself because he believes he didn’t garner the respect he deserved?

While the answers to these lofty and detrimental inquires still have yet to be fully decided one notion remains absolutely certain; if Geno Smith fails to live up to his glorified expectations that have been bestowed upon him (fairly or unfairly), he will not be one of the biggest let downs of all time, but ultimately the most disgraceful prospect in NFL history.

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  • Dick Ott

    Uh…who the hell are you? Is it because he is not who you wanted? Is it because you think he is too black to be a quarterback? Is it because you don’t think he should be able to fire his employees if his contract says he can if not satisfied.? Does he have to answer to you? Is it because you love the Jets so much or because you hate them so much you want to put the worst possible spin on this? Is it because he is acting too uppity..Broadway Joe had a lot of the same criticisms and he was the hoped for savior of the Jets. Joe had bad knees coming in and he was cocky as hell. Give it a rest and stop using words you don’t check like conceded for conceited and ‘drastic decision’. He is a kid and he will make mistakes and the only place he needs to lead right now is on the field. Your overblown rhetoric is inexplicable in light of the rather small pinnacle from which you preach.

    • tyree1

      Geno sucks 16 ints to date , your the 1 who doesn’t know what he is talking about

  • Eddie J

    Why such hatred, he’s kid. He’s a second round pick not the end of the world if he doesn’t pan out. Wait a short while and give him a shot. Stop hating on the Jets. A broken franchise? How many losing seasons have they had? Really, Go write about something else. Leave the Jets alone.

    • tyree1

      He is a great writer

  • Edgar NYJet

    This article is one of the worst I ever read… Lol

    • tyree1

      Best article

  • AP

    This might just be one of the worst articles I’ve ever read anywhere. This is a prime example of why FanSided is the Jerry Springer of sports sites.

  • scott hamilton

    First paragraph you are wrong, He didn’t leave the draft, If he did, why is there a picture of him at the draft with a Jets hat on. Poor research equalls poor article, What a joke. Did you make this crap up?

    • tyree1

      U r the joke now

  • Dustin Schrank

    this is gospel and you should not have a job, not because I agree or disagree with you but because its nothing but lies and misinformation to try and prove your point. your deception is weak. if you went to college which one, because I don’t even want my children walking near it.

    • tyree1

      U r nuts

  • Koba1969

    This article could be used by a college professor to show students how NOT to write. There are too many words, and many of the words don’t mean what the author thinks they mean (“conceded” and “capitulate” being just two examples). He appears to be trying hard to impress someone, but the only impression that this article leaves is a bad one. In addition to being too wordy and having improper word usage, the author simply regurgitates what others have reported (with some of those reports having been discredited). He then adds some psyco-babble that ties the entire mess of an article in a crap-stained bow.
    I don’t know what Mr. Gambill’s goals in life are, but if one of his goals is to be a legitimate sports reporter or commentator, then he will fail miserably if he continues to write drivel like this. It reads like it was written by the guy in your high school english class who told everyone that he was going to be a great writer but who was rejected by every college to which he applied except for a some low-level state schools or the local community college.

  • Brian Houseman

    He’s well on his way to becoming a bust? He hasn’t played a game yet! And through the first 2 days of minicamp he’s shown leadership skills with the rookies per the real media. Contrary to what you and “unnamed sources” have to say about him.

    • tyree1

      U live in a dream world

  • Chet Ross

    This article is spot on. Gino Smith will be a bust in NFL. This guy’s lack of talent was displayed as soon as he ran across even mediocre strength in the Big 12. Look at the record last year. He is also emotionally fragile and immature — rattles very easily when things are not going as predicted or expected.

    • tyree1

      U r the only one who was right
      6 months ago