Ex-Jaguars Star Jimmy Smith Will Sit In Prison Until 2018

While the Jacksonville Jaguars attempt to get a current receiver on the right path, a former receiver is standing as an example of what not to do after you’ve moved away from football. Former Jaguars wide receiver and star in the late 90s Jimmy Smith is currently serving the second month of a six-month prison sentence for gun and drug charges.


Smith is currently locked up in Mississippi after losing on two different cases that got him a combined six years in the big house. Smith was sentenced to four years in prison on a cocaine possession charge and an additional two year were tacked on for a gun charge totaling over half a decade worth of prison time for the five time Pro Bowler.

It’s honestly heartbreaking to see this, especially from a perspective of a kid who grew up watching Smith perform on Sunday’s. His story should be inspirational, as no one gave Smith a chance yet he believed in himself and showed how powerful that can be. He is without a doubt the best player the Jaguars have ever seen in their short history, with only Maurice Jones-Drew being close to him in terms of star power and talent. Had he played for a bigger team i his day, Smith may be more well known as an amazing receiver today, but because he did all he did in Jacksonville actually makes his accomplishments more outstanding.

But it’s a long and painful thud from the top to hitting rock bottom, which is where Smith seems to be now. His story is no longer inspirational, rather it’s a garden variety cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t stray from the proper path in life especially if you’re a high paid, high profile athlete. To demonstrate how far Smith has fallen, he’s been in prison since March and this is the first anyone’s really talking about it.

And that’s not out of protection for Smith’s character.

Smith holds virtually every single offensive record the Jaguars have for a receiver, but none of that matters when you’re locked in a cage after being busted with drugs. His heydays are behind him in the late 90s and his freedom is awaiting him in 2018, which is his tentative release date.

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