Apr 26, 2013; Kansas City , MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid speaks to the media during a press conference introducing first round draft pick Eric Fisher (not pictured) at the Kansas City Chiefs Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs: Will Andy Reid Bring Taco Tuesday, Fast Food Friday to Arrowhead?

Who doesn’t love a little junk food in their diet? New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is apparently one of those people that is against the finer pleasures of life (even though you wouldn’t guess by looking at him) and he has come in to the NFL looking to change the Eagles diet and the way they practice. Reports surfaced yesterday that Kelly had eliminated Taco Tuesday and Fast Food Friday as he makes sure the team sticks to a healthy diet during minicamps and OTAs.

On the surface, that is a good idea, but how in the world can you justify taking away a man’s fast food?

Sure, athletes are supposed to be in peak shape and take care of their bodies, but even the best diets in the world feature a “cheat day” here and there.

While the Eagles are missing out on the luxury food items, there is another question that needs to be raised. Did Andy Reid take Taco Tuesday and Fast Food Friday with him to the Kansas City Chiefs?

For Dontari Poe’s appetite, I hope so. You know Andy Reid isn’t about that life. Something tells me he and Poe won’t just sit around and eat apples and bananas all day. Instead, they will be looking to chow down on some KFC or super-sized McDonald’s meals while they talk about football.

What do you think, Chiefs fans? Would you want Reid to bring the Taco Tuesday and Fast Food Friday tradition with him to Arrowhead? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us hear your thoughts.

For the Chiefs sake, I hope they are allowed to have some fun. As for me, it is Tuesday and I think it’s time for some tacos. 

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