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Report: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Not Expected to Return in 2013

The Boston Celtics are facing a period of transition as there remain massive question marks about the future of Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce with the franchise. While Garnett may come back, the belief among those close to Paul Pierce is that the Celtics legend will not be back in 2013 and will either retire or play elsewhere.

CSNNE sideline reporter Greg Dickerson, a man who proclaims to be close to Pierce and familiar with the company he keeps, says the indication is that Pierce will end his career with another team. While he’d love to finish his career with the team he’s become legend with, the Celtics may opt to rebuild the team this offseason and that’s something that would drive Pierce away from the only NBA home he’s ever known.

I know that the company that Paul Pierce hangs around in, they do not believe – and I don’t think Paul Pierce believes – that he is going to be brought back next year at $15 million. I know for a fact that people around Paul Pierce have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that he’s played his final game in a Boston Celtics uniform. Again, Paul wants to stay – obviously for $15 million — but he wants to finish his career in a Celtics uniform…. Probably a buyout (rather than a trade)…

If Paul Pierce goes, so does Kevin Garnett as Dickerson says Garnett wants no part of a rebuilding process and would rather go elsewhere as well if the Celtics opt to tear it down and build the franchise up again.

“(Garnett) doesn’t want to be around for a rebuilding phase for another year. If Paul’s gone, I think without a doubt Kevin Garnett is gone, either by retirement or he finally decides to waive his no-trade clause, and the Celtics maybe work something out with a Clippers team. But the list is real short. The teams that Kevin Garnett would go to, there might be two of them on it, and they both might be the Clippers and Lakers.”

This is something Celtics fans had to have been expecting, as the aging superstars are better off playing for contenders and would do little as mentors to a rebuilding team. Both players have already done that scene in Boston in a way with Rajon Rondo and doing it again at this stage in their careers is kind of unfair to ask of them.

Nothing is final and no one has made a decision official just yet. While the Celtics could opt to rebuild this offseason, this isn’t the first time we’ve had this discussion and so far everyone who was rumored to be leaving came back. But at some point the breakup is going to happen and sooner is better than later for everyone’s case here.

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