Seattle Sonics Fans Should Be Happy Sacramento Gets to Keep Kings

Mar 24, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans hold signs during the second quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With news that the Seattle Supersonics won’t be coming back, as the NBA has voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento, the city of Seattle has yet again been scorned by the NBA. But while there may be sufficient motivation to lash out at the city of Sacramento, Seattle fans need to pause for a moment and cheer for Kings fans, because somehow they evaded the fate Sonics fans were tortured with back in 2008.

Here’s the thing about this whole situation — it showed that the system really does work even if we all want it to be broken. If it’s broken, that’s something to rail against and it gives us all something to talk about. But once in a blue moon, the system doesn’t fail and this time around the NBA didn’t fail the fans the way it did back in 2008.

Seattle fans should be happy for fans in Sacramento. Before you point your blame at Kings fans, remember that pain and sorrow felt when the NBA allowed a team to be stolen from you and placed in a new city. Sure, Thunder fans love their team, but it’s a second-hand team that got snazzed up with new uniforms and a different name.

The controversy about the Sonics returning to town at the expense of Kings fans was apparent from the start — as was the blatant hypocrisy on the part of Sonics fans. Their pleas that they were sorry about stealing the Kings were as empty as Clay Bennett’s bold-faced lies about keeping the original Sonics in Seattle.

Instead of wallowing in anguish, Sonic fans need to turn this into a positive. The reason the Sonics being stolen by Clay Bennett and his Oklahoma cronies was so painful for all NBA fans was because it was a demonstration of a heritage and birth right being taken away by greedy businessmen. The Sonics, like most sports teams, weren’t just a basketball team — they were the memories of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters all over the Washington area.

So when the team was taken, the hope for new memories with a new generation were crushed.

The Sacramento Kings are a miserable franchise, but regardless of that, fans came out in droves and made an aggressive push to show that the team meant more to them than wins and losses. This wasn’t a snobby California community trying to prevent “outsiders” from taking something from them. This wasn’t Beverly Hill wanna-bes trying to make sure they weren’t going to be without something as flashy as an NBA team — this was fathers and sons, mothers and daughters across the Sacramento area hoping that the team would stay so memories could continue to bloom around their favorite franchise.

If the Kings fans didn’t care, there’s no discussion. If fans didn’t love this team they way they clearly do — the way Seattle fans loved the Sonics — no one votes against this move.

But the fact of the matter is the system is in place to avoid situations like the one that happened to Seattle in 2008. While that fan base now has more reason than ever to hold animosity towards a league they have every right to believe is screwing them, they should direct their hate at the NBA and join the applause and joy Kings fans are experiencing today.

The saddest part of the heist of the Sonics was that fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters across the Seattle area were hoping the team would stay so that new memories could be made with the team they loved. Those memories will never happen and it’s a tragedy.

Sonics fans were screwed out of a team, their hearts were broken and the memories that could have been made had he team stayed are forever gone. That son will never ever go to a Sonics basketball game with his father and have that memory. But down in Sacramento, some father will take his son to his first Kings game and the two of them will fall in love with the team and the sport together and cherish that memory forever.

Hate the NBA all you want Seattle, but think about your loss and feel thankful that another dedicated fan-base doesn’t have to experience what you did.

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  • manestro

    Seattle should do two things: 1. boycott anything and everything to do with the NBA and David Stern. Stern’s arrogant statement about “having to catch a game in Oklahoma ” before the presser where he denied relocation to Seattle should never be forgotten. He lied and laughed in your face. 2. replace that outdated world’s fair souvenir called the Key Arena. The Key is a dump. A new DT arena would host a lot more events and could survive on concerts alone.

    Time to move on Seattle. New Arena and give the finger back to David Stern.

  • John Kober

    Dude, I don’t know any Seattle fans that are blaming Sacramento fans. But the idea of celebrating for Sacramento after what the NBA has done to Seattle twice now is absurd, particularly if you have read what the Sac fans have been saying about Seattle over the last several months. The only way your dribble makes any sense is if you also appealed to Kings fans to support Seattle fans for getting hosed instead of gloating.

    I definitely hate the NBA, David Stern, and Clay Bennet and won’t support them any further. I’m done. They can have their replica Sonics gear but they won’t get any support from any of the Sonics greats.

    I’m not hateful of Sacramento but have seen more gloating and bile from them than not, so I’m certainly not going to celebrate them being the NBA’s puppet in their attempt to extort public funding, which is all this is about for Stern and that puke Bennett.

    • James Mazzarelli

      John, thanks for not blaming us Kings fans. While I’m glad we didn’t lose the Kings, the NBA has handled this terribly. Bottom line: Seattle deserves an expansion team and the NBA should have taken Hansen’s money to create the team. The NBA should never have created the “city vs city” scenario. They could have nipped this in the bud by just awarding Seattle an expansion team. As a season ticket holder I know many other Kings fans that feel that Seattle deserves a team. Once the dust settles and we get rid of the Maloofs, many of us will do what we can to support Seattle getting a team as soon as possible. Seattle is a great city.

      • nick

        Thanks for being classy about it. We appreciate it. But as long as Stern is in office, we will never get the Sonics back..he’s made that clear.

    • Kel

      I don’t blame Sacramento. I blame Stern and Bennett. They changed the
      rules, and both times, Seattle gets screwed. So, while I don’t blame
      Sacramento, I’m not exactly rushing to celebrate the decision. It’s been
      painful to not have a team in Seattle. And we’re not like California
      where there are 3 other teams in our state. I just want basketball back
      in Seattle. But it looks like we’re going to have to wait another few
      years until they start up expansion talks. It’s just the pain of losing a
      team, thinking we’re getting a team back, then having that hope taken
      away yet again. And Stern is very much at the center of that. Sonics
      fans are emotionally spent. It makes sense for Seattle to have a team,
      especially with the potential to have one of the best ownerships in the
      league. For me, the day Stern retires can’t come soon enough. He and
      Clay Bennett better not ever show their sad mugs in Seattle, because I
      can’t guarantee people won’t spit on them.

  • Imua Nakoa

    Just like Sacramento fans were happy for Kansas City fans when… wait… Sacramento stole the team it has… freakin’ hypocrites.

    • cdub44

      Yah, but that was before facebook and twitter and comment boards, so Kings fans can say KC didn’t care…

    • JohnMarcotte

      The average attendance for the Kansas City Kings in 1985, their last season, was just 6,410. The pro soccer team in town, the Kansas City Comets, had an average attendance of 12,917 that same year.

      The attendance for the team did not jump when it was revealed the team might leave. There were no grand rallies. No bold new arena plans were made.

      Kansas City did not love the team the way Sacramento does now or the way that Seattle fans loved the Sonics. There was hardly a peep when they left.

  • TheLeftCoast

    I am extremely happy that the Kings are staying in Sacramento. It goes to show that you can’t just throw a whole bunch of money out and expect things to go your way. Sorry Seattle, I really do hope you do get your Sonics back, just not at the expense of another city. Go Kings! Go F!@#$ yourself Chris Hansen!

    • cdub44

      What do you have against Chris Hansen? His being honest and upfront with his intentions is the entire reason Sacramento is in the position it’s in right now… He could have easily bought the team as a San Francisco Hedge fund investor, Promised Sacramento he was going to do everything in his power to keep the team in Sacramento, demand the city pay for a publicly funded $500 million stadium, and moved the team to Seattle when the taxpayers balked…

      Chris and Seattle want a team to root for but they’re not going to pull a douchy Clay Bennett move to get one…

    • nick

      There is so much ignorance in this message I don’t even know where to start. For you to say “just not at the expense of another city” where do you think you got your team? Kansas City. That is just so hypocritical. Then for you to say that about Chris Hansen is just ridiculous. The guy is fighting for us to get a team back with his hard earned money. All he is doing is standing up for the city of Seattle. That’s like us saying that to KJ cause he stood up for your city but we respect what he did for you guys and don’t say that. Have some class. Learn some facts. And grow up you hypocrite.

    • nickaz206

      Wow…..go fuck yourself Chris Hansen?? He did nothing wrong except throw money at a dead franchise.
      Dear Sacramento,
      You can keep your Sacramento Queens!! This whole thing was handled poorly on all parts except that of Hansen and all involved in seattle!!!

      Go fuck yourself

  • kyleodz

    Bull. Stern doesnt wwnt another debacle like seattle so he screws us again. The league will never expand…it needs to contract but that is another issue. The onoy way seattle sees justice is by getting someone elses team. If the sac wants to celebrate then good for you. Don’t tell me to be happy for u. It is bad for the nba to be out of seattlw and in sacremento. The largest offer ever for an nba team was turned down becuase stern hates the reputation he got over seattle and instead of wanting to right that wrong he wants to save face in every other city. Clay was on the committee and he stands to save millions if the sonics don’t come back for a few more years. This has nothing to do with fan support, trust me. It was business screwing us again because it helps a reputation and keeps clay from paying 15 mil a year if we get a team. Yeah for the sac but this isnt david beating goliath…this is david getting pissed on bygoliath once again.

  • Devon Pearson

    I don’t know any Sonics fan who has blamed Sacramento fans in this at all. Sonics fans should not be expected to be happy about the result, however. Seattle did not get an NBA team out of this. What is there to celebrate for them? The City of Sacramento is going to get hosed with the cost of a new arena! Yeaahhh! We fans in Seattle should be happy that the system worked!

    Congratulations to Sacramento fans for keeping a team there, but ultimately I don’t think this process was a win for anyone.

  • TN05

    Seattle deserves the opportunity that was afforded to Charlotte – an expansion team. When our Hornets were taken away, we got an expansion team – a crappy team, but still a team nonetheless, and that is more than Seattle ever got for their loss.

  • Mark Saum

    Well guess what, we aren’t happy.

  • Tom

    were happy are we BULLDUST!!! i am mad seattle this is bull bring em back stuff moving teams just make another team in seattle called the seattle supersonics how about that

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