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Golden State Warriors Andrew Bogut Expects To Be 100-percent Next Season

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut is undoubtedly a talented player, but the sad part is that his career has been marred by severe injuries and his effectiveness mitigated. This season, a severe left ankle injury caused Bogut to play in just 32 regular season games, and it should be considered a feat of strength that Bogut was still able to amass 7.7 rebounds per game. Health will always be an issue for Bogut going forward, but hopefully it will one day get to the point where it isn’t a major issue (we can always hope).

Bogut told Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle that he expects to be 100% healthy next season, and he joked that is the case unless, “”I go out and get hit by a car or something.” As a follower promptly replied to Simmons in reference to Bogut’s joke, “Don’t jinx it!”

His surgically repaired left ankle gave him plenty of trouble this season, and he even needed painkiller injections in the postseason. It’s clear that his left ankle was a huge impairment, as a fully healthy Bogut would have averaged more than six points per game and even more than 7.7 boards per context. I have my doubts that Bogut will be 100% healthy next season, but hopefully he will (and can) be significantly healthier than he was this season. The 28-year-old 7-footer has recently downplayed the health concerns regarding his left ankle, and we can only hope that Bogut is right going forward. There are current NBA players with worse injury histories than Bogut, but that’s a list that you can definitely count on just one hand.

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